Mark Sedwill wants us kept in Europe.

EXPLOSIVE:Vaccination, economic ruin, Mark Sedwill, and the route into the Euro

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Is the rise of the Technocorporacratic State now unstoppable?

As the start of returning to some kind of normal, the prime minister will join an international conference today, and describe the hunt for a vaccine as ‘the most urgent shared endeavour of our lifetimes – it is humanity against the virus“, adding “only a mass-produced vaccine will defeat it”.

So once Boris Johnson has – by talking utter claptrap – finally declared himself firmly on the globalist Big Pharma enforced vaccination team, I really do think it’s time to stop the data analysis paralysis and move on towards what active, thinking people can do to resist what’s coming next.

It is a sad statement on BoJo that his opinion of ordinary people is so rock-bottom, he is sure they will believe that a coronavirus with a global death rate of 0.03% is about to become the agent fauchage of Homo sapiens. Even sadder is the reality that he is almost certainly correct.

We have now reached that point in the history of the species where everything – global economics, insane debt levels, democracy, police powers, personal liberty, universal suffrage – is up for a rethink, and probably a reset. Some of what’s suggested will be a good thing, but most of it won’t.

The unelected State has proved across the planet – at least to its own satisfaction – that you can fool most of the People all of the time. European élites have shown that they can get the citizenry to jump through hoops, keep them under house arrest, and achieve roughly 90% obedience. In both Britain and France, we have the political Executive in bed with GSK and Sanofi respectively – and daily increasing evidence that a corrupt technocracy is now firmly in control: Macron himself is an Enarque, and Sir Mark Sedwill is still there, our Martin Bormann waiting for a supine Hitler.

What now?

The social debate is now being teed up for the idea of obligatory vaccination. I use the word ‘social’ there because from here onwards, very few discussions are going to involve what normal people think of as politics. If the last four years – and the associated gyrations of Labour, LibDem and Tory – have taught us anything, it is that Party politics are no longer of any relevance beyond the temporary need for herd-like obedience to be tied to some element of the ideological divide – the Left’s hatred of Johnson, the Right’s fear of letting the Corbynistas anywhere near power, the Left’s belief that the NHS is a deity, the Right’s certainty that Britain’s economic independence is in existential danger….and so forth, ad nauseam.

The House of Commons is about to become a mini European Parliament, nodding in fear and out of duty to every last idiotic analogy designed to justify the unacceptable.

What next?

Predicting the order of play at this stage would be a mug’s game. But most of the constituents of democracy and liberty in reverse are reasonably predictable.

On May 11th last year, the UK website Politics Home ran a lead piece confidently asserting that ‘Sir Mark Sedwill faces the axe as Cabinet Secretary if a Brexiteer wins the race to become Tory leader, PoliticsHome has learned. The Whitehall bigwig, who is also Theresa May’s national security adviser, is unpopular with a number of high-profile Conservatives. They include Boris Johnson and Michael Gove’.

Well, Bojo is the PM and Gove is playing a frontline role in the struggle against Covid19….but Sedwill is still there. Here’s why: he joined the  FCO in 1989 in the Security Coordination Department and the Gulf War Emergency Unit until 1991. He’s a spook; this was confirmed when he spent 1991-1994 as a Second Secretary in the British Embassy in Cairo…’Second Secretary’ is the default cover for military intelligence.

He was put in charge of Political-Military Affairs at the Cairo Embassy in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq invasion. In 2009 he was our Amassador in Afghanistan, becoming at the same time NATO’s Senior Civilian Representative in Afghanistan and running anti-Islamist ops in Pakistan. By 2017 he was May’s Chief Security adviser. He sponsored the Brexit traitor Olly Robbins. He is the first person in British history to be Chief Security adviser, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Civil Service at one and the same time.

He is a confirmed internationalist EUNATO man.

If he can keep Johnson under control, fine. But his preference would be for a more “apolitical” administration.

He has allies on the British Left and in the UK media who, for various reasons, are happy for the PM to be serially condemned as the man who screwed up the management of Covid19. But this is unlikely on its own to topple Boris. Sir Mark will continue behind the scenes, however, to suggest forcibly that ‘final Brexit’ should be delayed.

Sedwill’s main opportunity will present itself when the virus dies down in the summer, and the full disastrous damage to the UK economy is exaggerated to the power of ten by those media titles who toe the Remainer line – the BBC, the Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Independent and Murdoch’s Times and Sun. SkyNews is unlikely to depart from the script.

The spin will be, “the economic emergency changes everything, as does the now obviously aggressive expansionism of Beijing. We would be far better off under the shelter of a large trading entity enjoying the protection of NATO.”

If the PM resists, then the ‘one stubborn man dragging us over a cliff’ narrative will go into hyperdrive. The Left will join in with the Blairites and Soros in yet another campaign of demonstrations about Our NHS this and Our security role that and A People’s vote the other.

Mark Sedwill’s win-win would be a ‘National Government’ headed by Keir Starmer but without either Corbyn Labour or Brexiteer Conservatism. He may have to give the top job to a ‘foot in both camps’ Tory – and put Starmer in at the Home or Foreign Office.

Either way, the ‘interim year’ 2020 will be cancelled. By 2023 at the latest we shall be back in the EU, ruled over by a government that lacks any recognisable Opposition, its legislature superceded by the Brussels Commission, and its army answerable to NATO’s gal in Europe, Federica Mogherini.

Once (or if) travel restrictions are lifted, I will be leaving Europe for good. Don’t ask my destination, because as yet I haven’t a clue. In the meantime, my top priority will be to survive financially beyond the grip of globalism…if such a thing is still possible.

Thanks for reading. And in advance – if I forget to say it further down the line – thanks to all for their loyalty, support and intelligence over the last decade.