Lockdown Ferguson gets off lightly

The man who sent the world into lockdown finds a way to get himself out of the firing line now all his predictions are turning to dust (with no loss of income to himself).

Professor Neil Ferguson, the epidemiologist from Imperial College London whose modelling work has been central to Government decision making during the pandemic, has resigned from his government advisory position after The Telegraph revealed that he broke social distancing rules to meet his lover.

You can get the full details here.

It’s not an ideal situation for ministers to lose such an important adviser, but, much like with the resignation of Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer over lockdown breaches, it was probably necessary to avoid badly undermining the Government’s messaging.

Solidarity is central to public support for the lockdown and if those behind it are seen to be crafting their own loopholes, however rational they might seem – Ferguson said he believed he was immune having recovered from Covid-19 – then compliance could quickly fray.

Ferguson’s position at Imperial College is believed to be unaffected and he will still contribute research to the Government.

Prometheus comments.

It’s always the same. When they get found out… they resign for some other reason… rather than face prosecution: