Kids wear social distancing hats on first day back at school

Chinese kids wear “social distancing hats” on their first day back to school

The top span is approximately a meter. Obviously this won’t work because it only points one direction. The hats instead ought to look like giant Mexican sombreros (or make all the kids walk around with open umbrellas).I guess “Super Wings” is popular in China too, (I am surprised to see that)

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  1. Belyi says:

    What distresses me most is to see children wearing masks when any medical expert (and I mean a real one) will tell you that they are terribly unhealthy.

    Children need to run about and give their lungs work to do, they need lots of physical exercise, not breathing in the same air they are breathing out. This will lead to a generation of sick and stunted people.

    Not that TPTB worries about that because it means more money for Big Pharma in the future.

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