5 Responses to “Don’t Join the UK Freedom Movement – managed opposition.”

  1. Derek says:

    But where is the explanation?
    What is the danger?
    To be coralled for radiating?

    This is theory fertilisation, over what?

  2. Tapestry says:

    This movement is getting instant media. I went to their website. Too professional. No individuals. University types funded. Your choice, Derek. That’s simply my first impression. I’ve learned to trust those. Always happy to be proved wrong. Real opposition like Robin Tilbrook gets no media.

  3. Derek says:

    Ah – now if it gets instant media, it’s connected to government.

  4. Tom74 says:

    Drivel. The alt-media the controlled opposition, more like, and now they’re panicking at real opposition.

  5. Tapestry says:

    If you check out the website there is a video which is strange – suggesting a tendency to violence. If it was popular grass roots would they have Oxford dons discussing the burning of heretics at the stake, and the threat to Christian civilization?

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