The lockdown is killing way more people than COVID.

Chart from UK Column showing excess deaths caused not by COVID but by the lockdown.  Lockdown deaths dwarf the number of deaths from the so-named pandemic.  Go to UK Column for more details.  Just take the 5 million self employed who have been cast adrift with no support or means to earn.  How can they survive?  Think of the loneliness, the growing number of suicides and the stress for nearly everyone.  It shouldn’t take a genius to realise that the lockdown is killing way more people than it will ever save – from a pandemic than is not hitting the numbers forecast by a factor of 99%.  Morphine is being given to old patients, anti-viral drugs and ventilators are being used which kill 70% of its victims.  If they got the treatment right to fit the disease, no one need be dying from SARS-COV-2.  See post below.  Every illness known to man is being diagnosed as COVID to keep the numbers up.  Healthy alive inconvenient people are disappearing and being recorded as Coronavirus deaths.  See earlier post of Hazmat lowlifes handing out death certificates for people who were last seen healthy and alive (video below).  They can’t even get the numbers high enough despite all these ‘techniques’ and they are refusing to treat the illness correctly with Type 1 Interferon.  (See link at foot of post).

The garden centres are all open.  They had received Prohibition Orders ordering them to close their plant sections.   The garden centre owners refused and challenged the legality of the closures.  The Councils, Police and nazi nurses backed down.  The garden centres are all open.

Economic hero tells Council he will not close his business.

Next up, two cases are being brought in the High Court, one by Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of the English Democrats, and one by Simon Dolan, an entrepreneur who lives in Monaco and has a PR business inter alia.  These are not cheap affairs and the appellants clearly believe the lockdown is fundamentally illegal, being applied by decree, and not through Act Of Parliament, is ineffective, and unreasonable.

If the case is strong enough to bring against the government in court, and it is,  it is also strong enough to use as a defence in a Prohibition case.  If all the retailers in a small town were to open, the Council would bring Prohibition Orders and the Police would attend along with Nazi nurses.  The retailers could defend the Prohibition Orders as illegal and argue their case.  If they kept their doors locked and opened when requested by members of the public, they could argue that they were not open in the usual fashion.  They should not open doors to the Police or Council.  In some cases they could offer drinks and food which would enable them to be open as essential businesses.  They could find many ways to muddy the waters.  Put their mobile numbers/landline in the window and ask people to call for an appointment and then visit etc.  Or reply to notes put through their door requesting an appointment.  The appointment could be a few minutes later.  In other words the retailers could argue that they were not open in fact but working to appointment only.

The government is incapable of working out what’s really needed, and what is going on.  The medical mafias funded by Bill Gates want the lockdown to go on as long as possible so they make money from vaccines.  They control Matt Hancock, Chris Whitty and the bumbling fools who intend to make vast profits from the bankruptcy of everyone else.  They are all implicated in the vaccine industry which is not reported by the media.

The vaccines are the problem as doctors have now admitted.  COVID 19 only makes people ill who’ve been vaccinated.  Those who not vaccinated have nothing to worry about.

Why are hospitals not using Type 1 Interferon which would solve most cases overnight? Why are they using ventilators which kill 70%? Why are patients being given fatal shots of morphine? It’s as if the government wants the numbers as high as they can get them to justify the lockdown. People who haven’t got Lyme, had a flu vaccine or a blood transfusion must have almost nil chance of becoming ill.

Those who get ill need treating with CPAP and not ventilators, and Type 1 Interferon to stop the retrovirus from using the SARS to grow, and anti-parasitic medicines if they have Lyme or other parasites. This is a medical catastrophe brought to us by a corrupt medical profession that has got far too powerful making millions of people die every year unnecessarily across the world. They are so powerful they now run the government.

Look how Whitty talks while Boris and Hancock keep silent. Don’t applaud the medical profession, apart from the poor people working on the front line, who are put at risk by the criminals at the top, receiving the same treatments as the rest of us.

Tell them to stop killing us all unnecessarily – as they are doing. They used to simply kill people by not curing cancer, heart disease and retroviruses delivered through vaccines. Now they are running political programmes which will kill far more people unnecessarily. It’s time to throw out the medical mafia that is ruling the world.  It’s gone a million miles beyond a joke.  People are awakening at last, but they have to awaken faster still.