If it wasn’t for Cummings we’d be in the Euro

In a former life, I was a political activist, pulling stunts that entertained me and which had significant effects on real world events.  One campaign was the one to save Iain Duncan Smith’s leadership of the Conservative Party.  The reason I felt this to be a good idea was because, on becoming Party leader in 2001,  he had changed Conservative Party policy from keeping the pound for one Parliament i.e. getting rid of the Pound Sterling, to keeping Sterling in perpetuity as the UK’s national currency.

The story of the campaign is covered in my book.  It was surprisingly successful.  Iain Duncan Smith survived the coup attempts of February 2003 by Michael Portillo, who was a secret ally of Blair, who wanted the Euro.  When IDS fell in October he was replaced not by Portillo but by a leader who agreed to maintain the no Euro policy, Michael Howard.

One reason Iain Duncan Smith survived to keep the Pound was his head of Strategy – a young man called Dominic Cummings.  Under intense attack from the media, and a falling away of support amongst MPs, he clung on.  The wolves were circling the wagons.  The pay-offs being discussed.  Yet Iain Duncan Smith and the Pound Sterling made it to safety – just.  Most political commentators were staggered at the time that this could be so.

The relevance to today is that Cummings has been here before – facing down all the media, all the corruption of the billionaires and MPs, and has stood his ground.  He would not have bothered with the lockdown, it is quite clear – and Boris i.e. Cummings tried to stop it all.  Yet the media was too powerful, and the medical cartel which is trying to run the world, and build the depopulation agenda.

Boris was nearly assassinated two months ago, as he was rushed to St Thomas where his life was narrowly saved – struck down either by a contaminated COVID test, or worse.  He has hardly been seen since.  Cummings might have been targeted also.  Now he faces the other kind of assassination – reputational media assault.  That is how IDS was finally driven out by his enemies.  Wall to wall media coverage and attack.  Cummings has seen it all before and has more idea how to handle it.

Here is the man who saved us from the Euro, who nearly saved us from the lockdown, and who might yet save us from rule by the billionaire medical cartel and the Brussels bureaucracy.  If he goes, I imagine Boris wouldn’t last much longer either, a severely wounded bird since his ‘illness’.