Fake dead people. Where do they all come from?

The next big clue is that all the planes were more than half empty. For instance, flight 93 had a capacity of 182 but only 33 passengers, so they were only 18% full. No one was onboard but the ghost gay rugby team and a few old ladies. For flight 77, Wikipedia tells us “the capacity of the aircraft was 188 passengers, but with 58 passengers on September 11, the load factor was 33%.” The airplane was actually at 31% capacity regarding passengers, but the scriptwriters wanted to be sure to get in that number 33. You will say that includes the six crew, but it still doesn’t work out. Then it is 34%. Flight 11 had a capacity of 158, but only 81 passengers, to be sure it was aces and eights, Chai. That’s a 51% capacity, but they added extra crew in the script to get the number up somewhat. For some reason, there were 11 crew onboard, including nine attendants. Have you ever seen nine attendants on a 767 with only 81 passengers? They don’t have enough jump seats for nine attendants. The other planes only had four, which is an average number. Flight 175 had a capacity of 168, with 56 passengers onboard, which Wikipedia once again tells us is a 33% load factor. But this time the math is correct. Once again we find seven attendants, which is at least three too many for only 56 passengers. In total, the four planes were at. . . yes, 33% capacity regarding passengers. The mainstream reports 39% capacity, but that includes crew members when it shouldn’t.

This means the government wanted to keep the number as low as possible, so that they would have to fake as few deaths as possible. We have seen this many times, all the way back to the fake Lincoln assassination, where Ford Theater was mysteriously way under-booked that night. The Titanic was also seriously under-booked. What we have found in previous fakes is that the general modus operandi is to combine several lists for the death list. The first list is composed of people who really did recently die, either from old age or other causes. This list also includes people who recently died on military bases or in military accidents worldwide. These people are put on the fatality list for the event, and their date of death is simply moved up a couple of days.

People with no family are commonly used, or people whose families can be easily paid off.

In a big event like this that has been planned well in advance, a second list is used: people from prominent families who need to fake their deaths for some reason. The reasons can be many, but the main two are: 1) they have been convicted of something or are about to be, 2) they want to collect a life insurance policy. So a call goes out to the top families that a major hoax is about to be run. And then we have a third list: Intel agents who are going undercover. These people can fake their deaths and change their names, facilitating their move into covert operations. If those lists added together still aren’t enough, the government just makes up people. The CIA has databases of unused names and untagged photos it can combine with a fake bio, manufacturing a life from scratch. They know that almost no one is going to check all of these thousands of names and bios, and that if they do most people will dismiss them as conspiracy theorists or cranks. So they don’t even have to be very thorough. We have seen many times how sloppy Intel is in this regard, because they have found that neatness doesn’t matter. They just need a rough outline to sell these fakes as real. For another example, see my research on the death list at Las Vegas.