Economic hero tells Council he will not close his business.

Owner of garden centres refuses to close his business.
Defiant Tony Joyner is refusing to acknowledge a prohibition order to stop his firm Plants Galore from selling certain items during the conoravirus pandemic.Exeter City Council ordered the store to stop selling garden plants, seeds, bulbs and other garden items immediately.It acted after the Government banned all “non-essential” retail in the UK as part of its efforts to fight the spread of Covid-19.The order stated the store could itself stay open, but it must only sell tools and not plants – which is its main source of income.

TAP – The Council must revoke the order immediately. They have no legal right to close his business. He could sue the Council for the loss of his plants. I hope he does. Call Robin Tilbrook, Chairman of The English Democrats and solicitor for how to sue. Make the threat to sue them, Tony. They are acting ultra vires and have no power to close any business, without an Act Of Parliament. The government is working by decree which is unconstitutional in the UK. Go for it.  Ask them under what law they believe themselves to be acting.  They don’t have one.

Garden centres

Tony, 52, who co-owns three garden centres – in Exeter, Newton Abbot, and Plymouth, Devon, said he would be bankrupt as it would be forced to wipe out £1m of goods.

He said: “We are opening our stores, we are fully open and will stay open and this is rubbish. It doesn’t mean anything.

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