Dominic Cummings @ Barnard Castle.

Why Barnard Castle 127

In 2012 GlaxoSmithKline were fined $3 billion for fraud, overcharging and making false claims about medicines in the USA. In 2016, GlaxoSmithKline were fined £37.6 million in the UK for bribing companies not to produce generic copies of their out of patent drugs, thus overcharging the NHS.

Despite the fines, these frauds were still massively profitable for GlaxoSmithKline. A perfunctory search on the company brings up similar frauds and fines it perpetrated in South Africa and India. All this within the last decade. I cannot find any information that anyone was jailed, or even sacked, for these criminal activities. It is absolutely astonishing that such an habitually criminal enterprise carries on serenely in the UK. And what is particularly interesting today is that it carries on its crooked activity from its massive manufacturing and research base in Barnard Castle, County Durham.

On 12 April Dominic Cummings was seen in Castle Barnard during lockdown. Two days later, GlaxoSmithKline of Barnard Castle signed an agreement to develop and manufacture a Covid-19 vaccine with Sanofi of France.

Of course, that could be coincidence. As a child I lived in nearby Peterlee and I know families may go to Barnard Castle just for relaxation. Even when that is illegal. But GlaxoSmithKline Barnard Castle has been working 24/7 during the coronavirus crisis including the weekends. It was working.

The government’s extraordinary refusal to confirm or deny Cummings visit to Barnard Castle appears to make little sense if he just went there for a walk.

But surely if he was discussing Covid-19 vaccine business on behalf of the government, that would answer all the critics of his trip, would it not? They would want to trumpet it from the hills? I mean to believe otherwise, you would have to propound a crazed conspiracy theory. You would have to believe that criminal activity may be occurring again involving GlaxoSmithKline of the kind which might lead to fines of 37.6 million pounds for overcharging the NHS, or of three billion dollars for fraudulent medical claims in the USA. Nobody sane believes that kind of thing, do they?

UPDATED: I should never be surprised by the puerile nature of debate on the internet, but I frequently am. There appears to be organised pushback stating that this article is only speculation. Of course it is. It states a number of facts not generally known, and wonders if there is a connection. It does not claim to have proof Cummings visited GSK, let alone of what he did when there. But both GSK and Cummings are known bad actors.

The even sillier argument is that Barnard Castle is the research and manufacturing centre and not the corporate HQ and therefore no deal could have been done there. Because when a company is involved in a massive criminal conspiracy, as GSK undeniably was in the multi-billion fraud in the USA or its price-fixing to the NHS, such criminal actions obviously can only be arranged in the main London company boardroom during normal working hours with lots of people around and the maximum chance of inconvenient people finding out what is happening? That is a stupid argument.

Equally, those who claim I have uncovered a criminal conspiracy are wrong. I have not. All I have done is put together some circumstances around Cummings denied trip to Barnard Castle, that could potentially provide a more reasonable explanation for why he would take the risk of going there, and why the government would stake all politically on denying it, than a day trip for a walk for his wife’s birthday. I have not proven anything.

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  1. Tapestry says:

    Could Cummings be the Glaxo Smithkline representative in
    Johnson’s government? Unofficially of course. They might well prefer an independent UK where they can make billions illegally safe from EU bureaucrats who think they should be making the trillions from corruption and depopulation, not pharmaceutical corporations.

    • Deepseaninja says:

      Interesting or not?
      Emma N. Walmsley is on the board of Microsoft Corp. and Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director at GlaxoSmithKline Plc.

      Ms. Walmsley previously occupied the position of President at Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Holdings Ltd. and General Manager-Consumer Products at L’Oreal (China) Co. Ltd.

      Ms. Walmsley received a graduate degree from the University of Oxford.

  2. pete fairhurst says:

    Interesting conspiracy theory from Craig Murray that rings true to me. Hard too see GSK confirming anything so unless someone else has evidence then…….

    Pondlife? Slime from the bottom of the pond if this is true

  3. ian says:

    British politics seem to be, at the moment at least, irrelevant. Decisions are coming from above . Perhaps Mark Sedwell is a link to the higher echelons of control? government infighting is perhaps going on. We are being marched into a police state, an Orwellian nightmare, a Brave new world, courtesy of the real arseholes who run the show, and their control of the media,

  4. pete fairhurst says:

    I’m blocked from replying, 3 trys disappeared so far. Will try an split up:

    Yes Ian I agree with all that.

    In fact this whole shenanigans has seemed to be directed from above individual nations to me, right from the very start. Big pharma is a component I’m sure of that, the money masters and the spooks too of course, and others, all of whom are fronts for the super rich. And yes, Sedwill probably answers to a higher pay grade than Prime Ministers as well I expect

  5. pete fairhurst says:

    5 more trys to post the rest about James Corbetts 4 recent vids about Bill Gates. Each time blocked.

    4 vids are well worth viewing, they back up what you are saying

  6. Tapestry says:

    Sorry about the problems Pete. I don’t think we can do much. Why not load a post about the Corbett Report videos? They would be interesting to see. When you get hassle I find it works if I block the camera eye hole with a silver foil folded over the computer. The people paid to mess with us get bored if they can’t see you getting frustrated.

  7. pete fairhurst says:

    Thanks Henry. I knew that the problems were not caused by your site and I assumed that some sort of algorithm was in use. I will try your method when it happens again, I was certainly frustrated. [I typed it off line and kept trying to post after the first few failures] Best wishes Pete

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