Detention of people permitted by Control Of Diseases Act with all rights removed, property confiscated or destroyed.

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The rules surrounding medical treatment have changed…

Zed Phoenix investigates.  (Formerly Ben Fellowes)

Control of Diseases Act 1984.

Updated 27th April 2020.

They can take all the things in your house.

They can remove all the people.

You have to answer questions about the things brought into question, about the people involved.

They can close your place of business down.  The premises can be destroyed.

Seizure of property with no notice to be given.

On the orders of a Justice Of The Peace.

They can create an offence for anything they desire.

The powers are not temporary.

You have to give a reasonable reason for refusing a vaccine or you are committing an offence.

The fine will be £5000.  More debts can be imposed.

If you are detained, only a judge can release you.  Your family won’t know where you are.

You will not know where you are.

You have no right to prosecute the perpetrators.

All your rights have been removed. and back the demand for a debate.

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