Cummins. Cummins. Cummins. All about Brexit.

I’m loving how the BBC are getting their knickers in a twist over Cummins. It’s fabulous. Hope he stays and really pisses them off.

The BBC, corp media, parliament, civil service et al loathe Cummins.
Why? He’s an interesting chap. He seems to represent Brexit, which I want!
The establishment and central corporate eco-fascist banking system from the BIS down hate Brexit.

Neil Funguson’s computer models were proving a failure; and the lock down even negligent? His lover scandal a convenient excuse to get rid of him. He had become an an embarrassment. Computer models? Climate, same crap. When will we learn?

Cummins? I don’t know.
Corp media, the pharmaceutical corps, the €U? I bloody know them!

Technocracy doth creep upon us. No thanks!

Covid-1984 could have some lovely unintended consequences.

Arsenal! Bring back football with crowds. Sod the lock down. Go out and enjoy the healthy sun!

Ned Pamphilon

  • John Farr I’ve had to switch off the talk radio stations for now as it’s all about Cummings, Cummings, Cummings, Cummings. Of course we all know why; the anti-Brexit brigade are shouting the loudest and Cummings is of course a key player in Brexit plans.Not much shouting done when Stephen Kinnock drove from Wales to London on March 28th….

    Boris Johnson’s under-fire chief adviser Dominic Cummings squashed a plan to delay Britain’s true Brexit day which was “all but agreed” while he and the Prime Minister were “laid out on their sickbeds”.

    Cummings, resented by much of the media establishment and the “deep state” for his role in the Vote Leave campaign and open disdain for journalists and bureaucrats, is currently the subject of a media circus over allegations he broke lockdown rules by travelling from London to Durham so his family could look after his young child if he and his wife were incapacitated by their coronavirus infections.

    Cummins and Ram Truck celebrate production of the 3-millionth Cummins engine