COVID – ’33’


A nurse in Russia.“McDonald’s yesterday revealed it would be reopening 33 more branches for drive-thru and delivery.”

McDonald’s to reopen 

33 more people in Wales have died after contracting coronavirus.”

33 more coronavirus deaths in Ireland on record day for new cases.”

“Is there a single attendee from the 2016 Demonrat National Convention that has died of Stupid-19? We do not believe so.”

US unemployment claims approach 40 million since March.

Three of the 15 human guinea pigs in the high dose cohort (250 mcg) suffered a “serious adverse event” within 43 days of receiving Moderna’s jab.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: Moderna’s Clinical Trial Results


The remote work trend spearheaded by Silicon Valley oligarchs for everyone’s “safety” will result in remote jobs going to countries like India. Why should they paid you $100k a year to work in your pajamas when an Indian can remotely do the same for $20k?

Jura Calling 23 May 2020 at 00:08 writes – 

Scientific advice to the UK Government has been co-ordinated by SAGE –  the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

SAGE works with the Scientific Pandemic Influenza group on Behaviour.

Come March they had reached the part of the strategy to condition the people – 

”The use of behavioural and social interventions.

“The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.

”It should be recognised that in order to make use of disapproval, government has to get into the community in question to stir up that disapproval

It was announced on 17 April 2020 that the Government and the newspaper industry have formed a three-month advertising partnership.

Web results

“By prolonging the coronavirus shutdown, Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio have plunged tens of thousands of New Yorkers into poverty.

“It needs to end. Now.”

The number 33 tells you this is a SCAM!

“In mid-March, we were told we have to endure a lockdown to ensure that hospitals didn’t get overrun. We did. The hospitals were not overwhelmed. 

“We turned the Javits Center into a hospital. We didn’t need it. We brought in a giant Navy ship to treat New Yorkers. We didn’t need it.

“We were told we were moments away from running out of ventilators. We weren’t, and now the United States has built so many, we are giving them away to other countries.

“Meanwhile, the Big Apple is ­dying.

“Barbers, tailors, nail ­salons, sporting goods stores, movie theaters and others should open their doors – while maintaining social distancing, of course – and dare the state to shut them down.

“A report published by the European Commission in late 2019 reveals that the EU has been looking to increase the scope and power of vaccination programmes since well before the current ‘pandemic’.

The endpoint of the Roadmap is, among many other things, to introduce a ‘common vaccination card/passport’ for all EU citizens.

The ‘vaccination roadmap’ is an ongoing plan with roots going back to 2018, when the EU released a survey of the public’s attitude toward vaccines titled 2018 State of Vaccine Confidence.”

EU Planning “Vaccination Passport” Since 2018 …

I’m talking about fascism, or totalitarianism. 

“The kind where governments declare a global ‘state of emergency’ on account of a virus with a 0.2% to 0.6% lethality

And that causes mild, flu-like symptoms, or absolutely no symptoms whatsoever, in over 97% of those infected

“Locks everyone down inside their homes, suspends their constitutional rights, terrorizes them with propaganda, and unleashes uniformed goon squads on anyone who doesn’t comply with their despotic decrees.”

Brave New Normal – Part 2 – OffGuardian – CJ Hopkins

I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the police track you down with your smartphone data and then come to your house to personally harass you for attending a political protest, or attack you for challenging their illegitimate authority, and then charge you with “assault” for fighting back, and then get the media to publish a story accusing you of having “set up” the cops.

“I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism where the secret police are given carte blanche to monitor everyone’s Internet activity, and to scan you with their “surveillance helmets,” and dictate how close you can sit to your friends, and menace you with drones and robot dogs, and violently pry your kids out of your arms and arrest you if you dare to protest.

Brave New Normal – Part 2 – OffGuardian

“I’m talking about the kind of totalitarianism that psychologically tortures children with authoritarian loyalty rituals designed to condition them to live in fear, and respond to absurd Pavlovian stimuli

“And that encourages the masses to turn off their brains and mechanically repeat propaganda slogans, like “wear a mask” and “flatten the curve,” and to report their neighbors to the police for having an “illegal” private party … and to otherwise reify the manufactured mass hysteria the authorities need to “justify” their totalitarianism.

Millions of people will be condemned to extreme poverty, or debt-enslaved for the rest of their lives, but they’ll be too busy trying to survive to mount any kind of broad resistance.

The children will grow up with their “isolation boxes,” and “protective barriers,” and “contact tracing,” and they will live in constant low-grade fear of another killer virus, or terrorist attack, or whatever boogeyman might next appear to menace the global capitalist empire…

Brave New Normal – Part 2 – OffGuardian

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Dr Bill Gates PhD’s CoViD19(84)©™® gene altering RFID vaccine implant will be compulsory…

According to The Daily Telegraph (May 21, 2020): “samples taken from the same patient are being recorded as two separate tests in the Government’s official figures”.

“Tens of thousands of Covid-19 tests have been double-counted in the Government’s official tally, public health officials have admitted.”

Saturday, 23 May 2020