COVID-19 & Lockdown … A Staged Event by the Rockefeller Foundation (Video)

COVID-19 & Lockdown … A Staged Event by the Rockefeller Foundation (Video)

Intro by TLB Contributor: David Johnson

This is not good, folks. This is for you and everyone. Every State is under the control of the Agenda 21 program, and here’s the proof. It doesn’t matter what State or country you claim to be yours, your life will be affected if the people fail to rise and stop this. Remember! They need you to be lazy and ignorant. Please watch this horrific and informative video.


A Staged Event by the Rockefeller Foundation to make Corona go live and precipitate the lockdown successful, and forced vaccinations, global governments, total control, and ownership over you and yours with the aid of 5G Networking. They’re probing our society to see who the spineless sheeple are, and who the resistors are. Which are you? A slavish sycophant or a man?

The COVID Action Platform – Corona is NOT a pandemic. It’s a veil to cover a HR 5736; Crisis Actors, staged event, a public/private cooperative operation, people from the private sector acting out the Corona platform to obscure what’s really happening. A 50 plus year effort, the COVID Action Platform. They are working to control all businesses, all MEDIA, and all peoples’ bodies via vaccine. Treatments and Cures are about DEATH. Castings are beyond the point of no return. The Satanic way, is to telegraph to you, their intentions. They must inform goyim to get him to accept and acquiesce to the terms of the contract. You a-greed! You are becoming, per your acceptance, globalized. You are agreeing to it all. You are mapped on their grid by cooperating. Corona is the smokescreen to facilitate the overthrow of our Republic. “Your” “governors” and “mayors” who implement the controls over you need to be arrested immediately. This is a plan to destroy both State and Federal Constitutions to manipulate everyone into a one world government.

Go to the local police and to all TOWN OF…, CITY OF…, COUNTY OF…, and STATE OF… Agencies and give them Notice that they are to Cease and Desist or they shall be arrested and imprisoned until trial for treason, for the punishment of hanging until DEAD.

Who is behind all of this? First, who is cooperating. Go to the governor and mayor and arrest their sorry asses, immediately. They’re controlling you for their controllers! Stop being a moron. T here are people fighting for your rights, without your help. The Police are going along with this because they’re as stupid as the population from which they originated.

Get hold of your ASS and WAKE-UP!


Watch this vital video (the whole thing) for a serious wake-up call …