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When villagers could not pay the taxes demanded by aristocrats and kings, then their CHILDREN were sent up to the ‘big house’ and passed around at orgies. Over time, this became ritualised into village-wide orgies, with the prettiest girl crowned as the QUEEN OF MAY by men wearing antler horns…

She would dance with handkerchiefs which were an ancient contraceptive, showing she was ready and willing to be impregnated in the local forest. A posse of local men known as STAGS, led by 12 dancers carrying reindeer horns, a transvestite known as Maid Marian (a man in a dress), the Hobby-horse [which represents the horse head nebula], and the Fool (or Jester) went into the forest after the Queen of May…

CHRIS EVERARD investigates BRITISH WICCA which is oh so much more intense and strange than the WICKER MAN movie…

At gatherings, a man with the skull of a goat and a black cloak would sometimes encourage DIVINE MASTURBATION, and broomsticks lubricated with hallucinogenic herbs and magic mushrooms would be used to send the Queen of May into a sexual frenzy.

You’ll CLOSE-UP bizarre British Pagan rituals taking place at ancient MEGALITHIC SITES…

There were often many virgins from the simple country folk impregnated in the woods – and the men and boys, called ROBINS, would often wear hoods so the father who sired which child was unknown. The new crop of babies born nine months later were called SONS OF ROBIN – or ROBINSONS…

Join Chris Everard on a roller coaster ride into the MASTERS OF MAGICK and British Paganism – you’ll see close-up Hobby-horses and other bizarre and strange paraphernalia – plus footage of ceremonies all over Britain including at the famous Cerne Abbas Giant.

Learn how Crowley transformed the KINGS CHAMBER into a Pandoras Box of DEMONS – the same year the pyramid was placed on the ONE DOLLAR BILL.

TAP – It’s more likely Churchill was the son of Edward 7th which gave him so much royal access.  Check out this theory on Tap News search.

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