Coronavirus: We Are Breeding a Race of Psychos: Act Now to Stop the Politicians’ Damaging, Deadly Lies

My wife Antoinette is the only person in our home who understands things which require electricity and therefore the only one capable of finding stuff on the internet.

This morning, Antoinette showed me several images which will haunt us both for years.

One photo showed schoolchildren in a playground, each child confined within a chalk square drawn on the ground. The children were not allowed to play with one another. They were not allowed to touch one another. They had to play games by themselves.

Solo marbles.

Try playing tag by yourself.

The quickest game in the history of playground sport.

No football. No cricket. No rounders. No racing around screeching for no apparent reason other than the fact that you have joy in your heart and energy to waste.

Another photo showed children in a classroom sitting yards apart from one another – each one wearing a mask and a plastic visor.

This is utter, utter madness. It is also wicked cruelty.

In the UK, it is alleged that if a child falls or has any sort of accident then they must not be helped by other children or by teachers.

The child who falls and grazes a knee will have to attend to it themselves.

The child who is so terrified that he or she has a leakage of some kind must deal with it alone.

No caring. No hugs.

Enough. The lunacy has gone far enough. Who in the name of all things holy thinks up these barbaric madnesses?

Has anyone in authority any idea of the permanent damage this will do to those poor children?

Children will be scarred for life by what has already happened to them.

We are breeding a new race of weirdo, loner psychopaths.

Do teachers want to create a generation of uncaring psychos or are they doing it because they are ill informed and too lazy to look at the facts?

Teachers are educated people. They should care about the science.

A study by paediatricians could not find one case of a child passing on the coronavirus.

Not one.

One boy who did have the disease failed to give it to 170 people who were classified as contacts.

If teachers want to protect children from danger they would do better to insist that all children wear crash helmets in case meteors fall on their heads.

And then there are the adults.

I saw a picture of diners in a restaurant sitting in what looked like a small greenhouse. The waiter was passing them their food on a plank of some kind.

Professional footballers (whose risk of suffering any serious illness as a result of the coronavirus is minute) were delighted to be practising alone. Each one had half a pitch on which to practice. But they weren’t allowed to pass the ball to anyone else.

And if and when they play a match they will be allowed to look away when tackling.

The churches are still shut. That was the biggest abrogation of responsibility in history. I hope no one ever enters a church again. Put the well-paid bishops out on the street. Formal religion failed people when they needed it.

The dentists in the UK are still shut. Thousands of people with toothache are becoming addicted to opiates. That’s great for the drug companies. Why the hell are the dentists shut? They wear masks, gloves and work in sterile conditions. My wife, who is bravely trying to retain a sense of humour said that if all her teeth fall out she can at least wear a mask to cover her mouth.

Councils are defying the government and still keeping parks, public toilets and car parks shut so that people can’t sunbathe or take exercise. Hasn’t anyone told them about the need for vitamin D? That’ll be another few hundred thousand sick people. Councillors work for us. It’s not their country. It’s our country. The councils will be broke next year and they’ll put up taxes and blame the virus. But it’s their fault. Not the virus.

There were tears in Antoinette’s eyes as she told me about the agonies she’d read about: the children who don’t understand and the patients in pain.

Our society is falling apart.

Antoinette and I went shopping.

There were only three shops open.

And it was a miserable, soul searing experience.

At one shop I was ordered to stay outside until another shopper had left. Not asked. Ordered. (You may be surprised to hear that I’m not good with being given orders.)

At the next I was shouted at for paying with cash.

And in the third I was screamed at by a youth with powerful jackboot tendencies, for failing to follow a one way system that would have foxed a maze designer. There was, incidentally, no one else except the two of us in the shop at the time.

All this is allegedly being done to `save lives’.

Anyone who still believes this is all necessary is ill-informed or stark raving mad. Or both.

I can laugh at the pathetic diners and the even more pathetic footballers.

And we will do our shopping online.

But what the hell are we doing to our children?

How can we allow teachers to do this?

The wicked teachers who agree to draw chalk lines and putting down tape and inventing rules that would have embarrassed the Nazis should all be sacked and permanently banned from any employment that involves people.

The madness has gone too far.

It has to stop.

Why do so many apparently intelligent people put up with all this garbage? What next? Will we be ordered to kill all the Jews, gays or just the people over 70? Why do so many people believe the lies they are told about the coronavirus? The worst and most dangerous lies aren’t coming from conspiracy theorists – they are coming from governments.

Remember the evidence proves that in terms of mortality levels, the bloody coronavirus is less dangerous than a bad flu. Back in mid-March, in my first video on YouTube, I described the coronavirus scare as the biggest hoax in history. I was right. Governments, for their own reasons, chose instead to treat mathematical modellers as though they were scientists instead of putting them where they belong – along with fortune tellers and economists.

I know YouTube wouldn’t like me saying that because it’s an inconvenient fact.

Remember: so far, in a season the coronavirus has killed less than half of the number the flu can kill in a season. If you don’t believe me just look at the figures.

Check out the number of people alleged to have died worldwide from the coronavirus. At the moment that’s about 300,000 alleged deaths.

And then check out the number of people who can die worldwide from a bad flu. That’s around 650,000.

You can suppress that truth but you can’t ignore it.

If YouTube cared about their viewers they would suppress the politicians and the media and the mathematicians producing a constant stream of unjustifiable scare stories.

The problem, of course, is that governments want to keep us terrified and compliant and obedient. They don’t want things to change. They are enjoying the power and are persisting with the biggest confidence trick in world history.

And as a direct result, people are dying in their tens of thousands – because they are being denied treatment.

So when will they re-open the hospitals and the dentists and the GP surgeries?

If they don’t then everyone will have died of something else.

People are already pulling their own rotten teeth with the old string and doorknob trick.

I would not be surprised to hear that someone had removed their own appendix with a grapefruit spoon and a bread knife.

And prospective patients are now as nervous of hospitals as Parisian citizens were of the Hotel Dieu half a millennium ago.

The problem is that politicians want to keep social distancing and they will keep the lockdowns as a threat. It’s working brilliantly for them. If we get too complacent they warn us of a second wave of the virus. They warn the virus will last forever. They tell us we won’t be safe until we have a damned vaccine and then admit that there may not be a vaccine for years.

Remember the only figure that really matters: the flu can kill 650,000 in a single season. And even governments now admit that their `cure’ is going to kill more people than the coronavirus.

There is only one solution.

Professionals everywhere have got to find the guts to stand up to the politicians and their crazy policies.

Doctors and nurses have got to find the balls to stand up, tell everyone the coronavirus crisis has been wildly oversold and announce that it is safe to open hospitals and surgeries and start to deal with the backlog of patients who will otherwise be dead by Christmas. Any health professional who doesn’t do this will have blood on their hands and some difficult questions to answer in a year or two’s time.

I believe responsible doctors and nurses will do that now if they care about their patients and their responsibilities.

Dentists should open their surgeries.

Teachers should insist on opening up schools that children can be taught again. No daft rules. No stupid chalk squares. No plastic visors.

Bishops and clergymen of every hue, collectively responsible for the greatest act of corporate cowardice in history, should open up all places of worship. Though to be honest they do not deserve to have any congregations after such a wanton act of abandonment.

Everyone has more power than they think. If doctors, nurses, teachers, dentists and so all threatened to resign then the politicians would have to back-peddle.

(I know that isn’t easy but sometimes it’s something that has to be done. For the record, I resigned from a job as a GP as a matter of principle. And I resigned as a columnist on principle.)

Dealing with this fancy flu has distorted our priorities.

We have to stop this distortion before things become impossible to repair.

Those who disagree will doubtless say `Oh, but lives are at stake and breaking the lockdown and social distancing is too risky’.

But anyone who says this doesn’t understand the facts and is missing the point.

Not breaking the lockdown and not smashing the social distancing nonsense is far riskier, and will definitely result in far more deaths than the coronavirus will ever kill.

I absolutely agree that health takes priority.

But why are people who are dying of cancer or heart disease less important than people who might die of the coronavirus?

Thank you for reading. And my thanks to those who have given my wife and me your kind support.

And maybe the unkind individuals who prefer abuse and threats to rational, constructive thought and campaigning will one day realise just much they have been manipulated by people who don’t give a damn about anything other than power and control.

You can help by sharing the articles on with as many people as you can. That’s how we can stop this wicked, dangerous nonsense.

Copyright Vernon Coleman May 19th 2020

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