Coronavirus research was funded by Fauci.

Ridiculous claim: Fauci gave Wuhan lab $3.7 million


He did it via two separate grants, one given in 2015 and one given in 2019. Snopes is calling B.S. as usual and saying Trump gave the funding during his term but that’s not how it worked, Trump never signed off on anything other than a slush fund from which Fauci wrote the checks without Trump even knowing. AND WORSE:

Fauci did this because research into giving viruses new capabilities was *officially* banned in the U.S. and after that happened, Fauci needed the work done elsewhere. It is beyond suspicious that Fauci moved “virus development” to Wuhan after it was officially banned in the United States and that Fauci paid specifically for coronavirus research.

That gets back to an old story line – where viruses were smuggled from North America (rumored to have been from Canada but whatever, Ft Detrick is still a point of suspicion) – smuggled into Wuhan after the development ban took place in the U.S. – If Fauci funded the Wuhan lab like this after development was banned in the U.S. then Fauci likely pulled the correct strings to get the best variants delivered to Wuhan.

Fauci should be in deep do do over this, but he probably is not due to subversion. This virus is FAUCI’S BABY, and look: He’s one of the top 5 guys at the Gates foundation.