Coronavirus: Hidden Agendas

Covid-19 podcast to discuss the virus.

by Dr Vernon Coleman MB CB DSc FRSA

I would not be so committed to the notion that the coronavirus is being used to control us, if it were not for the fact that our freedom and our freedom of speech have been thoroughly torn apart. And, of course, no government anywhere could possibly be as inept as governments now appear to be – unless there was an ulterior motive.

1. One clear result of the lockdown and the extraordinarily misleading propaganda about the coronavirus has been to turn people against one another. The police have actually been asking people to ring them with information about neighbours who may have broken the (vague) laws about exercise or shopping. Worse still, the police have asked citizens (a nice old-fashioned word because although they want us to be prisoner-slaves we are still citizens) to report material on social media which may `radicalise’ members of the public. I actually read the other day about an unfortunate woman who was named and shamed by her community because she had failed to go out onto the street and clap health workers at the designated time. I accidentally missed a one way route in a supermarket and was subjected to abuse. This now appears to be commonplace. Orwell saw it all coming. When we all distrust one another there is little risk of real rebellion from those who wish to share truths but the fearful will turn on one another like cornered rats.

2. The house arrest of millions has turned many into long-time recluses. People who have been forced into isolation for a long period often find it difficult to adapt to a `normal’ society. The advantage for the authorities is that recluses are fearful and obedient. I have seen people (and particularly teenagers) displaying the sort of repetitive behaviour exhibited by bored animals in zoos.

3. People have been deprived of their spiritual comfort. One of the most shameful things to happen has been the closure of the churches. The leaders of the Church of England and the Catholic Church should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. If supermarkets can open why the devil can’t the churches? Most churches are fairly empty and could easily allow worshippers to keep well apart. Spiritual comfort is, for many, as essential as bread and beans. Depriving people of spiritual comfort at their greatest time of need helps to break down their morale.

4. Small businesses are being destroyed. The Corporate Finance Network, which represents 12,000 accountants, has estimated that 800,000 small businesses do not have enough cash to survive longer than a month. Governments have long been opposed to small businesses – which they regards as a nuisance and an unwanted complication.

5. The elderly are being targeted (as I predicted they would be). In the UK, the old are being denied health care. They are being urged to sign Do Not Resuscitate forms. My fear is that not allowing relatives or friends to visit means that the elderly can be denied health care without objection. It is likely that State pension rises will in future be cut. Many old people will die of hunger and the cold before they even fall ill. Older patients with cancer, heart disease and whatever else have been sent home from hospital to die, untreated, in care homes (where, inevitably, the deaths are counted as coronavirus deaths).

6. Companies are being told to stop paying dividends. Interest rates are lower than they have ever been before. This will impoverish millions of old people who rely on their pensions and it will also impoverish those who hoped to achieve financial independence. I suspect that negative interest rates will soon be the `norm’.

7. We are being nicely set up for mass vaccinations. All the talk is about how we cannot be safe until a vaccine is made. The Government in the UK is planning to make criticism of vaccines and vaccination illegal – even when the criticism is factually based.

8. As predicted, cash is now being outlawed. The banks have long wanted to get rid of cash. And governments don’t like it either. Cash gives people freedom of movement and behaviour. The banks were in serious trouble before the coronavirus panic began. But they will now be rescued with loans. The loans will be paid for by taxpayers. Bank bosses will, of course, continue to enjoy their obscene salaries and huge bonuses.

9. The truth is being manipulated and distorted in many ways. Around the world one billion people rely on the $715 billion sent back to poor countries from workers in rich countries. The media doesn’t seem to have given much space to this. Nor have journalists asked why, in the UK, there are four times as many empty beds in UK hospitals than there usually are at this time of year and so why, as a result, cancer patients needing surgery or radiotherapy or drug treatment are going completely untreated.

10. Governments have given themselves massive new powers. In the UK the Emergency Bill has given the Government complete power. MPs of all parties are apparently happy to allow the UK to be run by a dictator. The police now have total power to do virtually whatever they like. The police can send you home if you venture out of your home – even if you are going shopping or taking your allowed exercise. The range of activities now banned is extraordinary. In the UK it is now illegal to wash a motor car.

11. The cost of the `crisis’ will be met by massive rises in taxation – which will lead to the further impoverishment of the hard working middle classes.

12. We now have no freedom and we have no freedom of speech. That is the ultimate hidden agenda. My new, just completed book How to Survive the Post Coronavirus Apocalypse has been banned. The book contains nothing illegal or dangerous or misleading or unsafe. It merely contains facts and my assessment of how things will work out over the coming months and years. But I cannot publish it. There isn’t even a single copy available for the authorities to burn. I have had books banned in China but never before in the West. People have attacked and damned my books and boasted that they haven’t even read them. My website has been pushed into a dark corner so that people find it difficult to find. (If you would like to help please put a link to on your website!) I have been banned from social media such as Facebook – even though all I want to share are facts and some professional judgements. No newspaper or magazine will even mention my name, let alone print an article or review a book. The Wikipedia page in my name has been distorted and unbalanced in a clear attempt to damage my reputation and destroy my credibility. Anyone can edit a Wikipedia page but, bizarrely, the subject of a page is not allowed to correct errors. If you want to help then there is a list of useful references on my Biography page on – look at the entry marked Biographical Detail. And an analysis of how the Advertising Standards Authority (a private body in the UK) refused to look at scientific evidence before reaching a bizarre conclusion is published on the pages of this site. Also please look at the article on `Vernon Coleman and Self-Publishing’ which should be under the Miscellany button if it has not been hacked out again. Antoinette and I do everything here ourselves. We have no staff. We have been working long hours (and have refused advertising for the website and the videos) to provide the information on this website and in the videos – and in the preparation of the book we are not allowed to publish. We are in this together and Antoinette and I desperately need your practical help in order to keep going.

Copyright Vernon Coleman 28th April 2020