Britain’s government of occupation takes over

A closer look at the British government of occupation & the deep state CoronaVirus excess mortality rate – mosty due to lockdown… Asda supermarket now talking about ‘virtual queuing’ University of Cambridge not holding classes – offers ‘virtual study’ instead.

Allergies cause Anosmia – Britain’s CMO suggests it as a new CV symptom

Life has ceased to exist and the majority of the population give their consent to it…

British government: who is really governing the country…?

Tobias Ellwood MP: a 77 Brigade reservist supposedly holding them to account

British king Mark Sedwill: deep connections with 77 Brigade & Integrity Initiative 77 Brigade: meet Lieutenant Colonel Rupert Burridge

Who regulates the spying activity of 77 Brigade on the UK public…?

Is a British Army Brigade now engaged in surveillance of the UK public…?

This is effectively a coup at the centre of the British government…

Who is Lt Col Rupert Burridge…? A man of mysterious professional pedigree

Lt Col Burridge: fixing anyone who dares challenge CoronaVirus…?

Why is the British military being used against the domestic population…?

British Army 6th Division ‘hybrid warfare’ – the biggest division in the British Army Who else is meddling in UK affairs…?

This is a Soviet/East German model being used…it needs to be stopped

38:45 – Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill introduced to parliament today – Our first duty is to keep people safe… A court can find any offence with 2-year or more penalty to have a terrorist connection  – Together with a paramilitary force this gives the state a monopoly on violence

41:44 – US DoS: Taiwan’s exclusion from the World Health Assembly

US steps up all-out pressure on China – where does this leave the UK…?

Iran’s fuel shipments to Venezuela face US threat F-35 plane faces parts problems after Turkey’s expulsion from scheme

Rolls Royce proposes major reorganisation to address medium-term impact of CV…

China: a pretext to war while we are still doing big business deals with them

Massive turbulent geopolitics is happening while everyone is under house arrest.