A Mikovits Manifesto for the United Kingdom

A Mikovits Manifesto for the United Kingdom

Dr Judy Mikovits has called for changes to US Legislation regarding vaccines and vaccine safety. Here are her recommendations:

Repeal the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act

Enact an immediate moratorium on ALL vaccines until all and the entire Vaccine Schedule is Safety Tested

End all mandates and Restore Liability to all

Convict criminals at the CDC, NIH, FDA for crimes against humanity

Eliminate the Advisory Committee on Immunisation Practices (ACIP)

Use CDC, NIH, & FDA patent royalties to compensate all victims of this Plague of Corruption.

The UK version of these recommendations should :

End all vaccine mandates and restore Liability.

Terminate all Government sponsorship of vaccine development with immediate effect. Enact an immediate moratorium on ALL vaccines until all and the entire Vaccine Schedule is safety tested.

Repeal the Vaccine Damage Payments Act 1979.

Disband the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) with immediate effect.

Immediately install a Public Inquiry with a mandate to investigate the causes of all UK deaths where Covid-19 was recorded on the Death Certificate. Where criminal liability is discovered, convict the criminals.

Use vaccine patent royalties to compensate all victims of this Plague of Corruption.


Such changes to UK Legislation would be unprecedented were it not for the recent passage of the Coronavirus Act 2020. That Act has arguably caused massive economic damage to the UK and particularly to small businesses. Such costs and damage was accepted by the Government on the basis that lives would be saved. That argument still stands but evidence has shifted the burden of proof and the vaccine industry should be subject to the changes to legislation outlined above. As set out below the privilege (private laws) afforded to the vaccine industry should end.

Put simply, there is a clear relationship between Covid-19 deaths and the prevalence of seasonal influenza vaccinations in a population as evidenced by data for EU countries. This outcome is likely the result of the incentives as perceived by the vaccine industry.

There are other related matters I now draw to your attention.

There is an ongoing scandal in Italy that falls generally under the heading of “Vaccinegate”. I precis this as follows:
Concerns were raised over the administration of vaccines to the Italian Defence Forces. As a result a study was carried out on several vaccines to determine their contents.

This is simple quality control, the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of the vaccines would require further tests.

The results revealed a significant number of active and inactive ingredients some of which could not be clearly identified, and a number of active ingredients described thus:
“These viruses are known to be adventitious vaccine contaminants and are known to be potentially dangerous which is why manufacturers are required to verify that they are completely absent from the vaccine”. See link: 


The presence of these contaminants causes the vaccines to fall at their first hurdle.

In 2018 the US Courts disclosed that the US DHHS has failed to meet even the most basic aspects of proving the efficacy and safety of vaccines, failing to file a single report for the past three decades.

I draw your attention to “Plague of Corruption” published in April 2020 drawing on the experience of Dr Judy Mikovits.

This alleges malpractice in the biochemical and vaccine industry over many decades. Dr Judy Mikovits also alleges that these practices have established within the vaccinated populations latent viruses,
and skewed immune systems that are only now being activated by the SARS-CoV-2 virus in much the same way the the HIV virus brought AIDS, but with wider implications.

Could there be a direct link between influenza vaccinations and deaths from Covid-19? This EU data from 2014-2017 suggests the answer to that question may be yes.

To move from the probability of correlation to the certainty of
causation requires that science supports evidence with theory.

The data, the evidence is here – see page 11 of this .pdf document:

The scientific argument is proposed by Dr Mikovits and Dr Mercola in this interview transcript :

In my humble opinion there is now enough evidence to move beyond actions dictated by a precautionary principle and to both investigate in depth the events leading to and surrounding all UK Covid-19 related deaths, and to immediately enact the legislation defined by :
A Mikovits Manifesto for the United Kingdom

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