Why were Italy and Spain targeted for heavy COVID attack?

Many Italian people have died from this mysterious virus which fills your lungs with mucus. Italy, China and Iran have been hit hard with this CORONAVIRUS which kills almost like a lab-made BIO-WEAPON…

We all know that the European BLACK NOBILITY are in competition with China and have been since the three OPIUM WARS staged by their majesties… And, of course, Iran has long been a target of the royal elite – but WHY was Italy targeted?

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…Well, it could be for many reasons – but I believe that Italian people are most probably the next country to stage a kind of BREXIT and leave the European Union Nazi Superstate which is stage-managed by the children and grand children of Nazis such as Claude Junker, Martijn Selmaeyer and Donald Tusk – they are all from NAZI families.

Many of the European Union superstate top dogs are the children and grand children of ardent NAZIS. Our Medical Mafia TV series investigates if SPAIN and ITALY were hit the hardest by Covid19 because they are the next two countries to break away from the Nazi E.U. superstate…

If Italy leaves the European Union superstate, then an important element of CAR MANUFACTURING such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini, Lancia, Maserati and many others will all leave the EU and of course this means that the £317m per day tax revenue which the EU earns from VAT [value added tax] will be lost – can you imagine how much VAT you pay when you buy a new Pagani supercar at £2.3m???

Politically, Italian people had a grassroots rebellion against Berlusconi who hosted BUNGA BUNGA parties and raped an under-age Moroccan girl – Berlusconi sent Italian secret police to the girls’ house in Fez to try and kill her. Next was the exposure of Pope Ratzinger as a Hitler Youth and his brother as a pedophile. Next we have the financial scandals exposed at Banco Ambrosiano – which is the bank of choice for the Kosher Nostra [the Mafia are jews, if you didn’t know]. Next we have the Italian grassroots political parties [now infiltrated] but who threw away the old guard of P2 [Pdue masonic academy] who controlled the Italian parliament.

I believe that it is highly likely that following the BREXIT revolution in Britain and the Yellow Vests exposing Macron as a puppet of the Rothschilds that a Bio-Weapon was released on the Italian people to save the NAZI-political project which we call the ‘European Union’…

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