3 Responses to “Why the lockdown? Ian R Crane explains the real agenda.”

  1. Prometheus says:

    Can I also say that Ian is still alive and kicking despite a ‘slight’ setback.

    Please keep him in your thoughts.

  2. Prometheus says:

    His twitter feed wouldn’t post on here for some reason (search: ”ian crane twitter”) but it shows hows resilient he is.

  3. Gordon says:

    Lots of good points in this documentary regarding the right side of the brain, the psychic, the ego etc; but Ian’s last point regarding man becoming a luminous being, a being of light, really struck a cord with me as it has been my belief for a number of years that man was created as a being of light but through Satan that light, the light of man was taken from him and the veil of darkness covered him thereafter to this day.

    Interestingly, like so many others these days, Ian talks of a great awakening coming upon the world, in essence a spiritual paradigm shift. I find this quite remarkable when compared to scripture which declares that God will 1) remove the veil of darkness from mans eyes, 2) that He will pour out His Spirit upon the world and 3) that he would give man a knew heart (mind). Ultimately, man will return to his creator as was always intended by Him to become again the being of light he was created to be replacing Satan and the third of angels which were drawn away by him.

    Little wonder then that the dark forces of this world ruled by Satan hate mankind so much for they know mans potential of what we are and are ultimately to become, the luminous man the bringer of light.

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