Who are the powers that control our governments?

Monsanto & Bayer – the vaccine prophets

Monsanto received $23m from BILL GATES who purchased 500,000 shares in this bio-genetics company that has been accused of causing the deaths of billions of honey bees – but bees are the least of Monsanto’s worries. For many years Viet Nam veterans claimed Monsanto’s AGENT ORANGE had given them cancer… And now Bill Gates & Monsanto have merged with BAYER, which used to be part of I.G.Farben – a corporation so evil that its executives were put on trial as NAZI war criminals…

And yet, Bill Gates is going on television promoting his various vaccines?

Would you allow I.G. Farben or Monsanto to jab a vaccine into your child’s arm?

DARK PLANET is a book by CHRIS EVERARD which investigates how BILL GATES’ Foundation used charity money to buy $23m of MONSANTO shares… Monsanto now calls itself ‘BAYER’ and BAYER used to be I.G. FARBEN… The virus will trigger governments worldwide to flock to purchase vast vaccine stocks from a conglomerate who have previously made AGENT ORANGE and ZyklonB.

DARK PLANET is CHRIS EVERARD’S latest book. It investigates the NAZI-style stringent laws which were suddenly introduced by many governments around the world – and these laws were introduced even though major health institutes had already declared that COVID19 was NOT, repeat NOT, a major pandemic!

But it’s not just NAZI laws we have to worry about – it seems that the coronavirus vaccine is likely to be manufactured by corporations with nasty NAZI pasts…

Click this link https://gumroad.com/chriseverard#npAcV and get DARK PLANET instantly delivered today.

Click this link https://gumroad.com/chriseverard#npAcV and get DARK PLANET instantly delivered today.

DARK PLANET is a FACT-PACKED digital book with 100+ photos, diagrams and maps which tells you everything you need to know about the NEW WORLD ORDER and how CORONAVIRUS is being used as an excuse to usher-in draconian new laws in dozens of countries.

MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR, CHRIS EVERARD: “DARK PLANET is the sequel to my book DEEP STATE – and it shows that Bio/Chemical Weapons have been engineered in labs by NAZIS – and that the children and grand-children of many Nazis are now prominent politicians. I take you deep behind the scenes of the TAX HAVEN ‘Foundations’ which have been developing GENE DRIVES – which are a dangerous new technology partly funded by BILL GATES and JEFFREY EPSTEIN”.

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