Westminster – a Palace for perverts

Westminster’s biggest secrets

The cover image shows the wooden floor of the JERUSALEM CHAMBER at the Palace of Westminster – this is where the CROWN is kept on the night prior to a British monarch’s coronation.

DID YOU KNOW the former boss of the M.I.5 SPY NETWORK was a member of Aleister Crowley’s elite Satanic Society called the ‘A:.A:.’? Did you know the former Deputy Director of M.I.6 used a fake name “Peter Henderson” and was a member of a club trading CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?

Did you know the former chairman of the LABOUR PARTY was a disciple of Aleister Crowley, and was the executor of Crowley’s last will and testament?

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Several hospitals in Britain have suspiciously high DEATH TOLLS of babies – at least two of those hospitals allowed millionaire pedophile Jimmy Savile to roam the wards free.

CHRIS EVERARD’S digital book is a fully illustrated expose of the ‘SATANIC SYNDICATE in WESTMINSTER’ – it blows the lid on the Pedo Cult at the root of Government.

It sounds like a fictionalised ‘James Bond’ type novel – but everything in this book is corroborated with photos, letters, maps & documents…

You will learn about Baron Rothschild and the KGB spy-ring which hosted ‘pool parties’ with prostitutes for government ministers at the house owned by David Cameron’s father-in-law – and that is just the tip of the iceberg…

LORD BOOTHBY [left] was Winston Churchill’s secretary and dominated the BBC’s QUESTION TIME programme which had pre-written questions from pro-Tory plants in the audience for every episode. Lord Boothby hosted parties for the Question Time BBC staff at his London flat and young boys were brought from ‘care homes’ by the Romany-Jewish KRAY TWINS [centre] of London gang-land fame.

These cults operating at Westminster and in nearly every local council have teachings that promote pacts with demonic forces and even the devil himself. In return for allegiance to these demonic entities, the cult members are promised fame, wealth, influence and political/financial power by senior members of their cults. They are often also promised a path to ‘illumination’ and spiritual-sexual liberation by allowing and encouraging the sodomy, rape, torture and sacrifice of babies. Their latest campaign is a form of psychological brainwashing, targeting young people, to question their gender.

BARON DRIBERG was Chairman of the Labour Party at Westminster and the person in charge of the Last Will & Testament of his friend ALEISTER CROWLEY… Today’s Labour Party is led by a man who BLOCKED THE ARREST of pedophile Jimmy Savile when he was boss of the CPS.

Recent revelations and allegations by two London schoolchildren suggest that the British faction of these cannibalistic satanic cults is highly organised and protected by a network of Social Workers, Police Officers, Politicians and Journalists. Many of these participants in the cover-ups are either cult members themselves or receive ‘gifts’ from the cult in the form of witnessing snuff movies, child pornography or given children for sexual use – and thus open themselves to black-mail. 

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‘Porn addiction’ is rife at Westminster, with MPs claiming tax payers’ money to purchase porn cable channels & porn magazines – in fact, the Palace of Westminster computers access porn sites thousands of times per month!

This data is all gathered into MI5 ‘profiles’ on members of parliament – and at any time, their careers can be damaged or stopped by revelations leaked to the media or frog-horned by the BBC’s FAKE NEWS network. Thus, the treachery, the frauds, the racist NAZI-style policies of economic fascism, called ‘austerity’ continue…

“CHRIS EVERARD is Britain’s leading investigator into Secret Societies, the Occult and the Paranormal events which evade the headlines ~  JAMES WHALE RADIO SHOW

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