Trump supports US anti-lockdown protests. Where are the UK ones?

Protests Build Across U.S. as Public Begin to Realize True Scale of Government Recklessness

As reality begins to dawn on American and the atmosphere of mass-panic and hysteria gradually wears off, citizens are now coming out in droves and demanding answers as to why the country was shut down on the basis of completely baseless and elaborate doomsday predictions being promulgated by government officials and mainstream media over the last two month. The result of Federal and State government gamble has been tens of millions of Americans forced into unemployment, with hundreds of thousands of businesses already destroyed, as well as communities across the country now fractured and broken. 

It appears that ‘lockdown’ countries like the United States and the UK, had entered into a voluntary collective economic and societal suicide pact – without any exit strategy.

Why are some governments determined to keep the public under house arrest when it’s admitted by officials that the ‘crisis’ has already peaked?

The issue is now morphing into a politically-charged partisan issue in the US now, pitting pro-Lockdown Democrats against anti-Lockdown residents who appear to have the support of the White House. NBC News reports:

“Governors across the country criticized President Donald Trump’s expression of solidarity with those protesting various state-issued stay-at-home orders, saying his comments are “dangerous” and “don’t make any sense.”

This issue, along with its predictable protracted fallout – will end up being the defining issues over which Democrats and Republicans will be arguing going into the 2020 General Election.

BBC reports…

Residents protest California lockdown orders this past weekend (Image Credit: Mike Blake Source: Reuters)

Protesters have taken to the streets in states across the US, demanding that governors reopen economies shut by the coronavirus pandemic.

Rallies in Arizona, Colorado, Montana and Washington state took place on Sunday, following earlier protests in half a dozen states.

Agitation for easing restrictions has grown, despite the risk of a Covid-19 resurgence posed by reopening too soon.

US President Donald Trump has signalled support for the protests.

The US has become the centre of the Covid-19 crisis, with over 735,000 cases and some 40,000 deaths – but signs have emerged that it is reaching the apex of the outbreak and that infection rates are slowing in some states.

In Washington state, an early US virus hotspot, hundreds of people gathered in the state capital, Olympia, to demand the governor relax rules restricting the economy.

Police estimated the crowd at 2,500, making it one of the largest protests in US states against lockdowns over the past week, Reuters news agency reports.

Many of the protesters ignored social distancing guidelines, as well as pleas from rally organisers to wear masks.

Montana saw a few hundred protesters at a rally held in Helena, the Associated Press news agency reports.

There was a similar-sized protest in Denver, Colorado, where protesters descended upon the state capitol building to demonstrate against the social distancing orders.

As protesters clogged streets with cars, healthcare workers in scrubs and face masks stood at crossroads in counter-protest.

Dozens of cars circled the capitol, local media report, while roughly 200 people assembled on the lawn, waving signs and flags.

In Arizona, protesters also took to their cars – estimated to be about 100 – and drove in circles around the state capitol in Phoenix to create gridlock, reports say…

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4 Responses to “Trump supports US anti-lockdown protests. Where are the UK ones?”

  1. archer says:

    Where are the UK protests? The Tories have been shrewd in using the NHS as a distraction, when – let’s face it – they couldn’t give a monkeys toss about them and their ‘heroes’.

    Once they’ve achieved their political aims, they’ll crush them into oblivion as has been the plan for so long.
    The NHS are fools to be taken in by, and going along with the faux cheerleading when they’ve been mistreated for so long.

    • Tapestry says:

      Not to mention the unbalanced death rate amongst darker skinned health workers (2:1 against white), and the possibility some of these deaths are acquired by ‘intervention’. The NHS fixation of the British is the reason we are at serious risk from ‘health’ programmes. People can be rubbed out by this wonderful organisation and no one suspects a thing – until it’s your relative. Check out the Liverpool Care Pathway for example. The deliberate starvation and dehydration of elderly patients to speed their departures. Ventilator deaths. Anti viral drugs. The lack of proper treatment for cancer, heart disease and even pneumonia. Why not use infra red lamps as Chinese doctors do? Reports of deaths by injection in hospitals in New York and of healthy people disappearing in London. This is a massive scam. The NHS and US hospitals have moved from deliberately not saving lives, to starving people, and now to to actual murder. See Posts. Toxic drips. Lethal injections. Cyanide. And patients simply disappearing taken away by Hazmats. All the while people putting rainbows in their gardens and clapping. Suited ministers talk on TV grabbing PPE contracts for their relatives making tens of millions in weeks, while low lifes in hasmat suits, and NHS administrators, trained by Common Purpose, holding clipboards make their selections as to who will join the daily statistics, and who will be allowed to live.

      • archer says:

        I am surprised at the rate of ethnic NHS staff that appear to be dying of Covid. I suspect it is being used to try and persuade foreigners that it is real, as perhaps many are naturally suspicious. I was driving through a predominantly foreign area of town today (Asian and Eastern European), which was teeming with activity. Good on em, I say.

        The good ol’ Doctors love intervention – sticking tubes, drugs or radiation where they probably aren’t needed. I suppose they need to try and justify their importance or even existence… Get well, or die trying?!

  2. Tapestry says:

    Doctors always bury their mistakes. And get paid regardless.

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