Today’s ‘COVID IS FAKE’ hospital whistleblower – from Tasmania


Gina in Tasmania sent:I’m from Tasmania and here its so ridiculous what is going on… a friend of mine who works at the hospital had a lady from higher up tell her that they have to write all deaths off as corona regardless of how they have died… One older lady didn’t even make it to the hospital was still in the ambulance and had no testing but was written off as corona! And here the majority are brainwashed and have no idea whats actually going on! I read they were doing this through people like you but to actually hear it through a local source! what a Scam!

My response: What if the entire thing is a hoax from top to bottom and there is no virus at all? Though I can’t say that for certain at this point, one has to wonder . . . . . many thanks for this info!


Some quick headlines:

Trump is going to push the entire Corona blame off on China and has suggested demanding reparations from China. At least for now. The problem I have with this is Ft Detrick, bad advisors, and the ever present social tactic of “displacement” as well as the fact that China does have some pride and won’t appreciate being blamed for this virus. I think the prospect of reparations is ludicrous.

Good Trump news:

He is going to use emergency powers to force meat packing companies and other food companies to stay open. That’s important because some of the major ones set to close were bought out by China and could be closed as a covert act of war.

IT HAPPENED: ABC news reporter working from home Forgot to put pants on.

Normally you don’t see news reporters from the waist down but since he did it from home he did not have the camera angles right. I’d say he’d sh*t his pants over this – if he happened to be wearing them.

Tyson foods: ” The supply chain is breaking”

Tyson Foods executives said in a full-page ad published Sunday that the closure of food-processing plants due to the coronavirus is “breaking” the supply chain. In a full-page ad published in The New York Times, The Washington Post and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, board chairman John Tyson wrote that “the food supply chain is breaking, ” saying farmers will be left without anywhere to sell livestock and “millions of animals – chickens, pigs and cattle – will be depopulated because of the closure of our processing facilities.” “There will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores until we are able to reopen our facilities that are currently closed, ” he added.MY COMMENT: THAT’S BUNK, AND TRUMP IS ABOUT TO EMERGENCY WAR POWER TYSON’S BEHIND.

Here’s a thought: Hurricane season is coming. So how is it going to work out if there are “stay at home” quarantine orders at the same time evacuation orders are given?


I stopped by a Mexican ford dealer that just got cars in, and THEY LOVE TRUMP

They also told me all about the auto industry and what is going on

First of all, the Trump part – they said he handled the economic shut down perfectly by allowing Ford factories in the U.S. to stay open. However, American Ford factories do not export to Mexico due to a large import tax, so the local Mexican factories which had cut production to about 33 percent of normal, could not keep all the Ford dealerships open (which is why the one I observed yesterday was closed). They said there was a small amount of excess inventory they sold off and are now selling what they can get. There are cars coming in, but not like before.They went on a long discussion about how the virus was warfare and they believe it was done to hurt the United States so China could become the global economic champion. Obviously I did not agree, but I let them talk and got some interesting info – not the least of which being that they believe Trump handled the situation like a master and saved Ford from China.

Now the other interesting stuff they said: They said Fiat, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo closed down production practically instantly because Italy was hit hard and all the management went home to be with family. As a consequence, Dodge also shut down. Hyundai and Kia stopped producing but other non Japanese car makers are operating at partial capacity (similar to Ford, but they did not know exactly which ones totally shut down.) And they also noticed (as I did) that Japan went nuts with production and all the Japanese car companies are taking advantage of the shut downs in other companies to blow out as many cars as they possibly can. They also said that in the U.S. Honda did not shut down but some Japanese car companies did.

So for what it’s worth, that’s what they said, I for the most part just let them talk because you can’t often hook up with people that knowledgeable and they were FULLY conspiracy aware. A little off on the details but they knew far more than most. The bottom line is Ford is going to get through this shut down OK but the Italian car makers might end up suffering over this, as are the Korean companies. There will be cars when this scam is over, I know Gates&co probably wanted to kill it all but Japan, Trump, and Obrador totally screwed it for them. My guess is Bolsonaro was a real pain too. And that’s good, VERY GOOD.


Oil tanker explosion in Syria

Quite convenient timing when WTI crude has tanked again. However, one tanker death is not going to impact a market that is flooded with 5, 000 oil tankers worth of surplus (at least). This will not affect the price of oil. “Whoever” could blow up “whatever, ” and the market will not come back until people are driving again.


American intelligence is now proving me right about the number of deaths in Wuhan

GEE, how did I have the answers published almost THREE MONTHS before they did?

Key things from the Fox report: American satellites proved there were bodies piled up around all of Wuhan’s funeral homes, which operated at 100 percent capacity 24/7 and in one particular 13 day period, processed 45, 500 bodies. That’s more than 90, 000 per month. To top it off, this site documented the fact that they brought in a large number of portable crematoriums (40 if I remember right) which could have easily pushed that total to over 150, 000 per month, and that’s just the ones we know about – there were probably more.Add to this the people who died in their apartments after having them sealed off, and could still be sitting there right now. Reality: China, as I always said, has at a minimum of 500, 000 dead and it could be millions. And many of these deaths were not coronavirus, they were dissidents. How long is it going to take American intelligence to say THAT???

I don’t know what percentage of people thought my saying it was hundreds of thousands and probably millions was ludicrous at the time, but Fox finally published it with information from American intelligence agencies, and YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, LONG AGO. At that time I was the only one saying it while the intelligence agencies kept their secrets, and ALL of alt media totally missed it. Now others (I’ll point out Alex) are parroting MSM reports because they could not get it right even on enormous budgets while it was happening. Perhaps those who got it wrong did so on the claim of “no proof”. How did I get proof when there was no “proof”, only to have it be published by American MSM with American intelligence sourced damn near an information century later?

I am right about this: THEY KILLED DISSIDENTS. Maybe, (just maybe) American intelligence will finally say this at some point down the road, far beyond any time frame that matters. They can’t say it now, because the virus is still too politically useful.