This is not an article, or link, but I feel still, albeit brief, important enough to post.

Yesterday in the SW Scotland NW England border area, I was out in my veg’ garden. There looked to be, what, to me seemed like a fake hazy cloud layer. I noticed that above it were several chemtrails, and took a couple of pictures with my phone. I immediately nipped into my house and checked on a flight tracker site I use to see what commercial flight activity there was. There was nothing within a hundred miles, so I screen captured the image and sent it along with the other pics to Dale Wiggington’s site, To me this proved that, as these were not commercial flights which is usually claimed to be the source of chemtrails, or officially contrails, then this was a deliberate spraying operation.

No reply from Geoengineering watch so I checked the flight tracker site to see what activity is like today, and it is gone. The screen is blank. It reminds me of the guy who claimed on face book that the CIA was watching him, underneath, someone had posted, “No we’re not”.


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Very good last line, Ian – made me chuckle – and informative. I too can see stuff up there which looks like spray or chemical dumping. Also a Chinook landed near a wood behind the village yesterday – unusual – and a massive new kind of wide bodied jet flew over quite low – designed to carry something huge but what? Quite a quiet plane too.

  2. emm jay says:

    It certainly is of interest what’s going on in the sky. I did a double take as I too saw a Chinook fly over (quite low) our town a couple of days ago. Here is what the Manchester Evening News had to say in response to others seeing too.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Are they trying to get us used to troops arriving in our towns and villages by helicopter?

    • emm jay says:

      Re above: helicopters or RAF C17’s? Local plane spotters today have video footage of one C17 flying low “enjoying empty airspace” over Manchester/Stockport.

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