The role of chemtrails

April 13, 2020

angel.pngAre Chemtrails the Perfect Covid-1984 Delivery Mechanism?

Haven’t heard much talk of chemtrail equipped planes being used as a delivery system for Covid. Even on Alt-media. Why?

Chemtrail spraying, or Geoengineering is a proven, worldwide delivery system that has been in use on an almost daily basis for over 20 years, and for almost 50 years in the US. 1972 New York Times article: Rainmaking used as a weapon in Indochina

Perfect system to deliver an advanced bio-weapon. Specific countries, cities or even genetically-specific weaponized “flu-like” virus’ could be delivered in varying degrees of potency….to different targeted areas around the globe.

Easy to control the Propaganda roll out. There have been unusual “breakouts” worldwide in seemingly unrelated areas. China, Italy and Iran. Initially, nothing in New York for weeks. Or Africa. Yet both have significant relationships with the Chinese.

Interestingly, The Angel of Death Chemtrail from the Ten Commandments Movie is an airborne pathogen like The Denver Airport Mural.

Even if people quarantine, the virus can still be delivered. And if a civil disobedience movement breaks out…watch out! A quick spray will stop that nonsense and “prove” how unsafe it is.

gg.pngOf course, areas where the privileged are might get just a mild spray or none at all. Perfect way to achieve Goal Number One of the Georgia Guidestones without getting their hands too dirty.

Somehow, with all the reduction in commercial flights canceled because of Covid, we still see the same volume of aircraft spraying. Just have to add that “special canister” when necessary.

One interesting side note: Corona is Latin for “garland worn on the head as a mark of honor or emblem of majesty” Is CoronaVirus an inside anti-Christian “joke” of Jesus’ crown of thorns?

So readers…please look into this and send your findings and comments back to Henry.

Hacking the Planet Documentary

Why in the World are They Spraying Documentary?

What in the World are They Spraying?

The Corbett Report: Chemtrails Exposed.

Chemtrails Exposed

by Tim N


Locked Down in Cape Town

April 7, 2020


Report from Cape Town:
A new act was passed yesterday under the disaster management act prohibiting any persons besides the government to post anything about covid 19 at pain of being arrested. 
“My name is Darren. I’m from Cape Town South Africa. We are on day 11 of a 21 day lock down. I believe it will be extended. Only ‘essential services’ ( police traffic firefighting hospitals pharmacies and grocery stores) operating.
4000 of our homeless people have been taken to a single sports and recreation ground in Stranfontein against their will to live in a big white tent under guard, they’ve since been fighting with law enforcement. It’s amazing how the government could never provide them with shelter before, and the place has a concentration camp feel to it.
The army, police and other law enforcement agencies as well as traffic services policing us and staging road blocks all over the city and main roads. Door to door screening and testing has commenced. We have a guy arrested for posting a video on social media warning not to accept the test as swaps are contaminated. Media was not allowed at he’s court appearance today.
A new act was passed yesterday under the disaster management act prohibiting any persons besides the government to post anything about covid 19 at pain of being arrested.
We are not to voice any opinions on social media, Facebook are blocking and removing people and posts and Whatsapp are enforcing the act, individuals and group admins under threat of jail time.
Our president has come out earlier today defending Bill Gates. 5G towers being erected all over the city. The MSM and Government still acting as though pandemic is worse than Spanish flu.
Majority of people believing and are grateful towards the government and snitching on each other.
There is no compassion for the next person; all seem terrified for their own families well being.
We seem to have one objective media source called media24. The chips as well as installation syringes have been filmed and demonstrated in a viral video here in Cape Town.
Things really don’t look good for us we are in desperate need of prayer and help. Please inform people of our situation.

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