Special No10 unit modelling various ways to ease restrictions

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister, is in hospital. He travelled there last night, on the advice of doctors, although No10 insists that was only a “precautionary step” and that the PM’s symptoms were not worsening. He has been unable to shake off a fever having had symptoms of coronavirus for ten days.

Dominic Raab is officially in line to stand in for Johnson if he is incapacitated and is expected to chair this morning’s Covid-19 meeting, but Downing Street insists that Johnson remains in charge. The PM has no known underlying health issues, but he is thought to be overweight, which is a risk factor.

Leaders across the country and the world have sent their best wishes, as does Front Bench.

– The lesser of considerable evils –

How involved Johnson remains in decision-making could be of considerable importance in the next few weeks. There is increasing pressure, both within the Conservative Party and the Cabinet, over when to emerge from lockdown and what the exit plan should look like.

The Mail on Sunday claimed yesterday that there was a split between Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, and Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor. The report, apparently, is overblown but there is increasing concern among ministers at the economy’s ability to survive in stasis. Some fear that, beyond June, healthy companies will start to collapse, creating permanent economic damage. Camilla Tominey has the details.

A shrinking economy and rising unemployment would have a detrimental effect on personal health across the country and on the ability of the taxpayer to fund the NHS. Indeed, a new study out today puts the collapse in UK output at over 30 per cent and the daily cost at £2.4 billion, while another finds that the brunt of the cost will be borne by women, the young and the poor.

And it’s not just an internal issue. Sir Keir Starmer, the new Labour leader, has demanded that the Government should publish its thinking on how to eventually lift the lockdown.

– Working blindfolded –

Outside of China, whose data on the virus is highly suspect, no country has yet eased its lockdown, so there is little information to go on. The initial Imperial College London study, led by Prof Neil Ferguson talked of windows of reduced restrictions with the number of intensive care admissions used as a trigger for re-imposing them.

The Times reports that something similar is under consideration, with a special No10 unit modelling various ways to ease restrictions. Hospital admissions would be used to judge the effects, with officials said to be looking at various models including lifting the lockdown by age, region or industrial sector.

Ultimately, however, a broader lifting is reliant on Britain’s ability to test for the virus and contain new outbreaks. Without accurate information, ministers are effectively operating in the dark. In today’s Times, Dame Deirdre Hine, a public health expert who chaired an official review into the 2009 swine flu response, criticises the Government’s lack of preparedness for testing, pointing out that early modelling done without sufficient data is of little use.

But, in the same paper, the new testing tsar appointed by Hancock, Professor John Newton, says that every antibody test model ordered by the Government has failed. The tests, which show if someone has ever had the virus, are crucial to understanding its spread and how many asymptomatic cases there are.

Newton said he was still optimistic” that the tests could be made to work, but that process means it could take months to roll out mass antibody testing rather than the weeks the Government had previously talked about.

– Argue, but stay at home –

For now, the focus is very much on maintaining social distancing. The UK’s epidemic may be plateauing and this weekend is expected to be the peak of the virus, but we will have to wait a while longer to find that out for sure and all the while with a steadily increasing death toll.

Yet with even Italians beginning to grate against lockdown measures, expect the argument about whether the cure has become worse than the disease to only get louder.

TAP.  All of government policy is based on error.  There is no certainty the virus even exists.  All is based on tests which claim there are cases, yet the tests used create false positives and have never been proved accurate by observation and measurement against real world outcomes.  If tests are made using these untested tests, that will bring hospital admissions.  If government policy is based on hospital admissions then there will be no lessening of restrictions.

Once people are admitted, if they show no symptoms as in the vast majority of cases, hospitals are sending the patients home.  Those showing symptoms of pneumonia are put on ventilators which kills 66% of them.  Others are put on anti-virals which will hasten departure for those near to death anyway.  The best chance people have of survival is not to go to a doctor but wait and use home therapies.  Reported deaths are loading the figures from cancer, heart and other deaths.

As for all the restrictions, they are totally nonsensical being based on statistics which are based on error and fakery.  The fear stress and panic etc will lessen the general immunity to all illness in the population, and cause suicides, divorce and separation in many families.  Social distancing is a social and health catastrophe.

Boris Johnson must be under some kind of threat.  He clearly wishes to end the whole nightmare and possibly has been worded by the demonic forces that operate in the UK – Blair and his Rothschild connections – that he will be terminated if he ends the ‘epidemic’ prematurely before the political objectives like 5G installation into schools are completed.  The main media is clearly onside with the demons, and could sink Johnson if commanded to do so.  If he is temporarily absent, then maybe a deputy like Raab can do the necessary and get the UK off the hook.  Churchill never stood up to the Rothschilds.  Maybe Raab, Johnson and Sunak will, up to a point.

COVID: here come the antibody tests—quick, easy, and insane –  They say YES NO and MAYBE.
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There are two worlds.  In the first, independent researchers with no conflicts of interest, and, hopefully, a sense of logic, sort out what is actually going on behind propaganda parading as medical research.

In the second world, it’s all official propaganda, wall to wall, posing as science.

This article looks at the second world.  It doesn’t mention what I’ve established in prior articles: the unproven discovery of a new virus (COVID); the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus, rendering case numbers meaningless; the con-job proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause, rather than a grouping of people with diverse conditions clustered under one fake umbrella term (COVID).

In the second world, we have the announcement that a new antibody test has been developed to detect COVID-19 virus in people.  Millions of test kits have been ordered.  Some versions of the test can be self-administered quickly at home.

So let’s go to the mainstream media and see what they, and their medical sources, have to say about the new antibody test.  Buckle up.

Chicago Tribune, April 3: “A new, different type of coronavirus test is coming that will help significantly in the fight to quell the COVID-19 pandemic, doctors and scientists say.”

“The first so-called serology test, which detects antibodies to the virus rather than the virus itself, was given emergency approval Thursday by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

“The serology test involves taking a blood sample and determining if it contains the antibodies that fight the virus. A positive result indicates the person had the virus in the past and is currently immune.”

“Dr. Elizabeth McNally, director of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine Center for Genetic Medicine…’You’ll see many of these roll out in the next couple of weeks, and it’s great, and it will really help a lot,’ said McNally, noting doctors and scientists will be able to use it to determine just how widespread the disease is, who can safely return to work and possibly how to develop new treatments for those who are ill.”

Got that?  A positive test means the patient is now immune to the virus and can walk outside and go back to work.

NBC News, April 4, has a somewhat different take: “David Kroll, a professor of pharmacology at the University of Colorado who has worked on antibody testing, explained that the antibodies [a positive test] mean ‘your immune system [has] remembered the virus to the point that it makes these antibodies that could inactivate any future viral infections’.”

“What the test can’t do is tell you whether you’re currently sick with coronavirus, whether you’re contagious, whether you’re fully immune – and whether you’re safe to go back out in public.”

“Because the test can’t be used as a diagnostic test, it would need to be combined with other information to determine if a person is sick with COVID-19.”

Oops.  No, this really isn’t a diagnostic test, it doesn’t tell whether the patient is immune and can go back to work.  Excuse me, what??

Business Insider, April 3: “The world’s leading industrial nations have so far failed to identify any coronavirus antibody tests that will be accurate enough for home use, according to the UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock.”

“The UK and other nations are currently examining plans to use antibody tests to allow individuals with immunity to COVID-19 to exit their national lockdowns early through the use of a so-called ‘immunity passport’.”

“Spain was recently forced to return tens of thousands of rapid coronavirus tests from a Chinese company after they were found to be accurate just 30% of the time.”

“Some tests have demonstrated false positives, detecting antibodies to much more common coronaviruses.”

“Scientists also remain unsure about the extent to which a past infection could prevent reinfection and how long an immunity would remain.”

Hmm.  So the new antibody test has very serious problems, and it hasn’t been cleared for public use.

Medicine Net (undated): “Researchers at the Mount Sinai Health System say they’ve developed a test that can find out if you already have had or were infected with the new coronavirus.”

“The test is called “serological enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,” or ELISA for short. It checks whether or not you have antibodies in your blood to SARS-CoV-2, the scientific name of the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

“Researchers say ELISA works like antibody tests for other viruses, such as hepatitis B. It will show whether your immune system — the body’s defense against germs — made contact with SARS-CoV-2, even months before.”

“The test could help scientists fight the pandemic in several ways. It can give researchers a more accurate measure of how many people had the new coronavirus. It would also let health care workers who were ill with COVID-19 symptoms, but were never tested for the disease, return to work — confident that they are now immune.”

So wait, it’s a great test.  Right?  A positive test result indicates immunity, and people can return to work.  What??

Science News, March 27: “The United Kingdom has ordered 3.5 million antibody tests, which would show whether someone has been exposed to COVID-19. Such tests, which just take a drop of blood, could help reveal people who have been exposed to the virus and are now likely immune, meaning they could go back to work and resume their normal lives.”

“Science News spoke with David Weiner, director of the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, and Charles Cairns, dean of the Drexel University College of Medicine, about how antibody tests work and what are some of the challenges of developing the tests.”

“Cairns: ‘The big question is: Does a positive response for the antibodies mean that person is actively infected, or that they have been infected in the past? The tests need to be accurate, and avoid both false positives and false negatives. That’s the challenge’.”

Oops again.  Cairns is saying the new test, if it reads positive, might mean the person is infected now.  Or it might mean they were infected—and are now presumably immune.  Figuring out which is the challenge.  No kidding.  It’s the difference between sick and healthy.  So a positive test result means the patient is sick OR healthy.

As a reference, let’s look at how this same antibody test has been used in the past.  For example, in the case of hepatitis A:

URMC Rochester (undated): This test looks for antibodies in your blood called IgM. The test can find out whether you are infected with the hepatitis A virus (HAV)…If your test is positive or reactive, it may mean: You have an active HAV infection…You have had an HAV infection within the last 6 months.”

In other words, a positive antibody test could mean you’re sick now, or were once sick but are presumably immune now.  Wonderful.

Medscape comments on the meaning of a positive antibody test for the Zika virus: “…immunoglobulin (Ig) M and neutralizing antibody testing can identify additional recent Zika virus infections…However, Zika virus antibody test results can be difficult to interpret because of cross-reactivity with other flaviviruses…”

Two things here: no word about a positive test result revealing IMMUNITY from Zika; and a warning that a positive test might not have anything to do with Zika at all—that’s what “cross-reactivity” means.

Medlineplus, referring to a Zika “blood test,” which would include antibody testing, states, “A positive Zika test result probably means you have a Zika infection.”  Not immunity.

And there you have it.  The official word on the COVID antibody test from official sources.  It’s yes, no, and maybe.  Public health officials can SAY whatever they want to about antibody tests: a positive result means you’re immune, it means you have an infection, it means you’re walking on the moon eating a hot dog.

Generally speaking, before 1984 a positive antibody test was taken to mean the patient had achieved immunity from a germ.  After 1984, the science was turned upside down; a positive result meant the patient “had the germ” and was not immune.  Now, with COVID-19, if you just read news headlines, a positive test means the patient is immune; but if you read down a few paragraphs, a positive test means the patient is maybe…maybe not…immune.  Maybe infected, maybe not infected.  Maybe sick, maybe not sick.  And, on top of all that, antibody tests are known to read falsely positive, owing to factors that have nothing to do with the virus being tested for.

That concludes today’s foray into the world of lunatic contradictory propaganda masquerading as science.

You are now returned to the real world, where: the discovery of a new virus (COVID) is unproven; the notoriously useless PCR diagnostic test for the virus renders case numbers meaningless; and the proposition that COVID is a real disease with one cause is a con job.

Sources: For the links to the sources to this article, click here.


2 Responses to “Special No10 unit modelling various ways to ease restrictions”

  1. Belyi says:

    Excellent comment there, Tap, certainly food for thought. What struck me was that if the hospitals are said to be collapsing under the load of patients, how come that BJ has been advised to go into an NHS hospital “as a precaution”. Surely with all the millions of cases they like to make us think there are, how is it that there are spare beds for people “just as a precaution”?

    • Tapestry says:

      Belyi, those diagnosed and sent to hospitals are being sent home, as they have no symptoms (from people who work there passing on information). The testing method is faulty as Jon Rappoport has been saying from a month ago and more. The test has never been real word tested. It gives false positives. Even if correct in that a COVID – 19 virus is identified, the test has nothing about viral load so is still useless as people can have hundreds of thousands of viruses in their bodies yet be perfectly healthy. This is a political psyop. Not an epidemic. People who have symptoms are being treated inappropriately in ways which accelerate their deaths. They are alone, cut off from family and in fear. The ‘witch doctor’ effect alone can kill someone – fear basically. There are no post mortems. Bodies are cremated. Deaths that have nothing to do with CV are being categorised. The whole thing is a rotten scam and one that the NHS should be woefully ashamed of. End it now. You saw the admin section people of the NHS being interviewed saying old people dying would be a good thing. Don’t put it past them. Dr Shipman is not alone. There is a depopulation agenda, and the health service is a likely place to find it operating – things like the Liverpool ‘Care’ Pathway. The vicar here says he is always surprised by how many people with relatively minor health issues go into hospital and a week later he’s holding their funeral. It’s so blinking obvious what is going on if you look into it a bit. The Act pushed through Parliament last week permits Police to make people disappear in custody without the need for an inquest. No post mortem. Bodies cremated. Same game with the Police now as with the NHS. The totalitarian state has arrived. The democratic pretence is now a very thin veneer.

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