Soros-Funded Group Says Covid-19 Crisis Is Perfect Time To ‘Abolish the Family’


The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family,” according to openDemocracy, a George Soros-funded non-profit organization, which is attempting to use the pandemic to destroy families, arguing that “we deserve better than the family. And the time of corona is an excellent time to practice abolishing it.”

In an article last week titled, “The coronavirus crisis shows it’s time to abolish the family,” openDemocracy’s Sophie Lewis calls for an end to the traditional family unit, and tries to convince readers that the COVID-19 pandemic is precisely the time to liberate themselves from “the nuclear household.”

Lewis claims that too many homes today are “defined by the power asymmetries of housework” and that land ownership, mortgage payments, and “patriarchal parenting” are bad for our health.

Lewis goes on to claim that “Queer and feminized people, especially very old and very young ones are definitionally not safe” in such “capitalist home” situations.

WesternJournal report: There are a myriad of other bizarre arguments made in Lewis’ article. Most of them are basically feminist and communist critiques about how the male-headed family is oppressive and that we need a complete overhaul of how we think about economics and the family.

Standard stuff for the left, in other words: In socialism, the state always comes before the family. And a look at the funders of openDemocracy, provided by the organization itself, shows Soros’ leftist Open Society Foundations among the top givers, along with other outfits that fund progressive causes like the Ford Foundation.

Perhaps the most ridiculous claim marshaled in the essay is when Lewis says, “we deserve better than the family. And the time of corona is an excellent time to practice abolishing it.”

What this Marxist wing-nut at openDemocracy has in mind to replace the family unit isn’t spelled out in any detail, but she does use a lot of impressive-sounding words in explaining what should come next.

“Far from a time to acquiesce to ‘family values’ ideology, then, the pandemic is an acutely important time to provision, evacuate and generally empower survivors of – and refugees from – the nuclear household,” she writes.

From what I can gather, Lewis seems to want taxpayers to provide blankets and subsidized housing to gender non-conforming trans teens who ran away from home so they can have a judgment-free safe space to hide out at. Or something.

In any case, Lewis complains that “the private family qua mode of social reproduction still, frankly, sucks.”

Why does it suck?

“It genders, nationalizes and races us. It norms us for productive work. It makes us believe we are ‘individuals.’ It minimizes costs for capital while maximizing human beings’ life-making labor…” and on and on and on.

Give me a break.

It’s good to know that this wholly unhinged way of thinking won’t be gaining ground anytime soon. Men and women are hard hard-wired by God to find a spouse, start a family, and raise children.

In fact, there is anecdotal evidence that suggests the coronavirus is actually bringing families closer together and that communal bonds are strengthening at this time.

I can only imagine the examples of love and charity taking place right now are giving folks like Sophie Lewis a massive headache. And that’s a good thing.



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  1. Prometheus says:

    Abolish the family. That’s what they are trying to do in many ways with vaccines, transgenderism, lacing foods to cause infertility and the list goes on.

    Coronavirus – Johnson & Johnson vows to make ‘not-for-profit’ vaccine:

    Why would Johnson & Johnson want profit when they are worth God knows how much? This is about depopulation like Bill Gates has said.

    Speaking of babies and vaccination – Asbestos in baby powder (Johnson & Johnson):

    A good documentary too which hopefully will people think to twice about taking *any* vaccine:

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