PROBABLY, and DEFINITELY banned everywhere.

PROBABLY, and DEFINITELY banned everywhere. I figured I’d translate this and paste it in here before it totally vanishes, the audio has now vanished.

Patient with coronavirus reported that she and other patients were murdered at a New York hospital with a lethal injection.

NEW YORK.- A woman from the Dominican Republic infected with Covid-19 left a voice message before dying, in a New York hospital. She stated that they are killing the sick with an injection that they give them to get rid of them quickly

Gertrudis Taveras, a native of Santo Domingo, lived in Brooklyn and was diagnosed with the coronavirus, so she was admitted to a hospital where she died.

Before she died, the 49-year-old woman sent a voice message to a relative of hers, who is also her compadre, in which she states that all the patients who were with her died after being injected.

In the message, in a tearful voice, Gertrudis explains that she was also injected and shows resignation, because she knew that she would die like the others who were confined with her in that hospital.


The audio was posted on social media by the victim’s cousin’s husband, who calls on people with relatives in New York hospitals to be vigilant about how their relatives die.  source:

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  1. Tapestry says:

    This tallies with the murder of hospital workers, one of whom we think was given cyanide, the story coming through a friend who knew him and his family. He turned blue then collapsed and died, having no symptoms of illness. Hospital worker deaths are politically extremely valuable. If you work in a hospital think carefully before you accept drinks or food. Sadly it’s not only the patients who are being murdered to keep this virus narrative going.

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