Police Coronavirus Overreach no accident

Below is a Socialist Party Poster bragging their use of the Common Purpose charity.

Common Purpose is a subversive neo-Marxist leadership training organisation masquerading as a charity.

It encourages police, civil servants, pastors, and the like to exceed their authorisation to get a job done in pursuit of a common collectivist purpose.

It seeks to indoctrinate future/potential leaders with their principles.

It encourages and facilitates those it trains to network with others they have indoctrinated to be like minded.

This website has a database of about 20,000 including over 400 police employees who it knows has been on their courses:


[From the given course dates, the information on recent attendees is limited, perhaps showing CP graduates taking care to veil there attendances to frustrate the collection of this information].

Of course, some attendees work as training officers/deliverers who are insinuating what they have learned in police and other training courses/colleges etc.

So the current police over-reach may not just be due to ill-judgement – but part of Common Purpose infiltration of their ideas among the police – knowingly willing to exceed their authority to help, in common purpose with the governments agenda, following not the rules set down in Statutory instruments approved by Parliament, but the vaguest hint or nudge of what the government ministers and representatives declare to be desirable.

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