One problem with this supposed pandemic, Boris. No one is getting sick.

I visited three supermarkets today, spoke to people who have known me for years, people who have trusted me without question, people I know I can trust.

I went to the other two after visiting the small Sainsburys in Bath, this has a staff of 9 on two shift rotation so that is 18/20 bodies on the work sheets.

the second was the big Sainsburys, staff or 30 plus two shift rotations so that’s 60 plus bodies on the work sheets

the third was Waitrose about the same as Sainsburys, so the roughly total is 120/160 working people.

the staff in all three of these places have a very large number of staff over 50 and at least six of them with underlying health problems I do know about.

I asked at least 12 different staff members the same question; have any of you lot gone or going sick, the answer was universally no and neither had anyone they work with for the last 12 weeks after most people got a “cold” in December.

now, I remember many people getting a cold over november and Christmas, myself included, I remember because that is rare for me to get a cold, but I got slaughtered by a cold and had to take three days off from painting a pub, even my friend jenny got this cold, she runs three pubs in bath and got slaughtered by the same dam cold.

so did a lot of people I know, so the question has to be asked, did the politicians know all of these colds over November and December were actually the covid 19 virus?

the vast majority of these employees are barely protected and were not for the first two/three months, social distancing is impossible for these people working around customers, they work around a lot of people who are sick and unwell, people with low immunity to viruses like serious drug users and addicts, the contagion scenario should be through the roof but it is not.

has covid 19 gone through and passed the herd and are we being conned, because the cold’s I seen over late Oct, Nov and December seems to fit with the proper contagion scenarios with a start time of September/October.

I have worked many weeks on this, observing real people, dealing with it as any other investigation, and observation being first, there is no noticeable difference in staff members going sick or even being ill, I have asked the same questions on line and got the same answers, no one is ill or going sick.

now people need to start talking with the staff in their shops, we need to know the size of this deception, because no one is going sick or becoming sick out of the norm that I can find.

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  1. Belyi says:

    Finally visited my hairdresser this morning and she told me she had been ill for a couple of days a while back with something she hadn’t bothered about. However her husband became very ill and was taken to hospital where he spent 10 days.

    BUT, he is not only waiting for an operation on his liver, the details of which she didn’t have, he also had his gall bladder removed in December. Add to that the fact that he travels all over the place on business and eats the wrong food at the wrong times.

    He will of course be pointed out as a case that even younger people get very ill. When you look at the details, the picture changes completely.

    • Tapestry says:

      Did the husband take the flu vaccine and she didn’t? The news from Dr Mercola is that the retro virus in the flu vaccine rides on the corona virus which is itself harmless.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    I too asked the staff in Sainsburys whether anyone had gone off sick. “Nope”.
    Almost everyone I know had some sort of “nasty cold” Dec/Jan/Feb.
    If the US military took it to Wuhan Military Games then they probably brought it here.

  3. Prometheus says:

    I go in Iceland and Aldi regulary nearly everyday. I can confirm that lots of staff are sick…

    – They are sick of people talking about Covid
    – They are sick of over-stacking shelves
    – They are sick of looking at queues which are twice as long as they should be due to 2m gaps

    Most of all they are sick of this government which is so weak and sick and that they don’t have the brains or balls to open up the country again.

  4. Tapestry says:

    The problem is how do you unmake a mass deception. Fear is less but many are still on edge expecting calamity might descend. The NHS is using morphine on perfectly healthy patients, with the intended fatal results. Misdiagnosis of cause of death is the norm. They have a vaccine agenda, an economic agenda and social agendas. Big money is being made. Hybrid war is being waged against the people. Sadly most prefer not to realise. Or can’t let go of trust in their executioners and destroyers. The last time I tried to trust a Prime Minister was Blair in 2003. Incredibly people still think the government cares and the NHS is there to prolong life. Despite the mass of evidence that the very opposite is true.

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