Norway lifts lockdown

After three weeks of lockdown, Norwegians are going back to work next week.  This is not reported in media here in the UK but I know as my brother’s family live there and they called us this evening and told us.  Filipinos are being released from lockdown at the end of April.

As with the condition of Coronavirus diagnosed patients who are being sent home from UK hospitals, as they have no symptoms, the only reliable news comes from people you know and trust, working in hospitals.  Everything else is fake, or a partial version of the truth.  It’s only the hearing from other people you know and trust that you can be sure of anything, or what you see with your own eyes and ears.  It’s never been more important to abandon the television and other main media than at this moment – even social media which is being swamped with false rumours of all kinds.

Looking at Boris Johnson while he was self isolating, he showed no sign of any symptom of anything while talking on camera.  Until we see any real sign of his being ill, I am still sceptical.  They admit he doesn’t have symptoms of pneumonia.  If he’s using a CPAP as reported, that is standard for sleep apnea.

Equally if he is reported as dead, I would think that would have a chance of being a massive psyop.  Any pictures of any body would need looking at in great detail as with the faked pictures of JFK.  More likely there wouldn’t be any.  Keep your scepticism on full power at this tricky moment and don’t believe a thing from any media.  They are hamming up the Johnson’s in hospital narrative to the max.

Please keep sending in what you do know to Tap News.

If Norway can unlock, then why can’t we in the UK before any more suicides and people are ruined?  We know of two recent suicides, which could be associated with the lockdown, other than in time.  The NHS justifies the lockdown as it is reducing numbers below the capacity of the NHS to cope.  Yet hospitals are only filled to one third capacity, and as I say, Coronavirus patients are being sent home as they have no symptoms.  End this farce now.  The 5G release might have filled the hospital beds with people who couldn’t breathe, but maybe the reported burning of so many masts has slowed down the launch by months now.

I haven’t seen the controversial David Icke video which is banned on Youtube and Vimeo.  Have you?  He was saying, I believe, Japan declared a national emergency just as they launched 5G.  It would nice to hear more on that.  His title ‘Is There A Virus?’  Jon Rappoport’s research suggests the possibility that the COVID-19 is a fake cover story for other causes of death – maybe 5G.  Is Icke following s similar line?

Norway launched it first 5G network on the 13th March 2020 but only in Trondheim. Telenor’s 5G network was commercially launched on 13 March 2020. Telenor customers with a 5G device can now connect to the next generation mobile network in nine different locations in Norway. Telenor will start development of 5G in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Sandnes.


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  1. Belyi says:

    I am very dubious about BJ. It could be that he doesn’t go along with the scam and wants to lift restrictions so he has to be sidelined. Many fat people suffer from sleep apnoea and BJ is certainly well overweight .

    The DI video is great and I think can still be watched on Bitchute. The last one he did with London Real a couple of weeks ago had over 4 million hits and this one is even better; he’s really going great guns and shows very clearly that CV-19 and 5G are interconnected.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks Belyi for that synopsis on David Icke. Icke is some kind of aristocrat according to Miles Mathis (note the Vaughan middle name) and maybe the elites are divided over 5G. That would make sense as it will affect them too.

    I wonder how far the sidelining of Boris will go. Maybe he feels safer in St Thomas’ than he does in Downing Street. The view is certainly a lot nicer from St Thomas’ and it’s very peaceful in there (my son visited there once or twice and I remember the pleasant atmosphere compared to many hospitals) but I doubt he’d be permitted a stroll through the gardens to view the Houses Of Parliament from the other side of the river. You feel he’s a good leader for the elites with his Churchillian qualities but maybe Boris like Icke wants to resist the most extreme aspects of their evil scams and currently wants to get Britain back to work.

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