Nolte: Climate Denier Bill Gates Quietly Buys $43M Oceanfront Home in Midst of Pandemic

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23 April, 2020 by JOHN NOLTE

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been exposed as the ultimate climate-denier with the purchase of a $43 million oceanfront home.

Riddle me this…

If you truly believe in Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now is a real and imminent crisis, that means you believe the oceans are destined to rise and flood the coasts and that this will happen in your lifetime… So why would anyone who professes to believe such a thing — as Gates regularly does —  invest $43 million in oceanfront real estate?

They wouldn’t — unless they are a madman or a liar, and when it comes to Gates and the rest of the climate phonies, my money is always on the latter.

The facts are this…

If you judge Gates by his meaningless words, he is not a climate denier. But where it matters… In his actions, his behavior, his multi-million dollar investments, Gates is one of the biggest climate deniers in the history of climate denying.

No one — not even if you’re worth billions — pisses away $43 million. Which proves that just like CNN and Barack Obama, Bill Gates is a Climate Change activist who knows it’s all a hoax (and trust me, it is) because no one who truly believes the oceans will flood the coasts would invest 43 million goddamned dollars on a doomed house that sits right on the ocean.

“The six-bedroom home spans about 5,800 square feet, according to the listing, the Journal reported. It has a 10-person Jacuzzi overlooking a fire pit, a long oceanfront deck, limestone flooring and a swimming pool,” reports the New York Post, but the real news is that these people don’t even care anymore.

The entire Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now movement is now so insulated, so corrupted, and so zealously protected by their pals in the corporate media, that a Bill Gates can plunk down $43 million proving he knows it’s all a hoax, and no one blinks.

Let me see if I can come up with a comparison that accurately and vividly lays out just how much this proves Bill Gates knows Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now is a hoax…

Okay, imagine me telling you that you cannot go swimming because there’s no water in the pool while I risk becoming a paraplegic by diving headfirst into the pool.

You’re pretty much going to know I was lying about there being no water in the pool, aren’t you?

Wait, I got another one…

Imagine me telling you that you should not drive a car, use air conditioning, or zealously guard all your individual liberties because if you do the oceans will rise and destroy the coasts, while I invest $43 million in oceanfront property.

See how this works?

And Gates and Obama and CNN all get away with it. Over and over and over again their behavior betrays what they truly believe, but the racket is so rigged, they can brazenly live a life proving they are lying to the rest of us about this hoax, and no one cares — there’s no price to pay.

The Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever-these-proven-frauds-are-calling-it-now racket is so rigged, Bill Gates doesn’t even have to care how much his actions expose the truth of what he believes.

Fuck these people.

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