NHS casualties inter alia are good for the ‘Doves’

No plandemic would be complete without some health worker victims.   All one can do is look at the newspaper pages and wonder.  Unless you know the details of a particular death, that is.  As it happens, we do.  A Filipino nurse arrived at work feeling unwell and asked if he could go home.  He was told he was needed as there was a staff shortage so he worked his twelve hour shift.

On getting home, his mother said he was looking blue.  He collapsed and died.

He had not had a Coronavirus test, and his family believe that his death was not Coronavirus related, as he had no relevant symptoms, no temperature (Fever) or chest condition.  Why he died is a bit of a puzzle.

What would turn him blue?  Blood poisoning?  5G triangulation targeting of his cellphone?

When the only NHS death reported as Coronavirus that you know of doesn’t tally well with being called such, you do wonder about the others.  His lack of symptoms or a diagnosis or autopsy didn’t stop his picture appearing across all media.

There is no doubt that Plandemics need victims and there are big bonuses being paid for each diagnosis and each treatment with a ventilator.  A diagnosis pays $13,000 in the USA and a ventilator treatment pays $26,000 per patient.  Such incentives could persuade hospitals to favour different treatments than they would normally apply.  There would inevitably be incentives being paid in the NHS, including to the doctors doing the diagnoses.

Only 34% of  Coronavirus patients survive treatment with a ventilator.


Cabinet is refusing to make any decision about lifting the lockdown, and there are ten Ministers pushing for a return to normality, known as the hawks.  Boris would no doubt have sided with them had he been able to.  The doves who want the lockdown to continue for weeks more are lead by Michael Dove.  Getting Boris into hospital was the Dove’s greatest ‘play’ to date.  In hospital he was treated with a CPAP device more normally given to people suffering from sleep apnea, who become short of oxygen (no need for a ventilator apparently).  Boris showed no signs of any symptoms when he gave his talk a day before being sent off St Thomas’, supposedly critical from Coronavirus.  It’s all very odd.  What made him suddenly short of oxygen?  Not the same thing as our friend the nurse presumably?

If Boris was under any illusion as to who might have been wishing him less than well, he could read Sarah Vine (Michael Gove’s wife) in The Mail.  It almost reads as if Boris was not intended/expected to make it.

Under normal circumstances the fact that the Prime Minister rose miraculously from his sickbed on Easter Sunday might have felt rather too much like the work of an overimaginative spin doctor. 

But given everything, I don’t think many people will begrudge Boris Johnson his Messiah moment.

 The Prime Minister being so dangerously ill with Covid-19 has, I think, done more to drive home the deadly seriousness of this pandemic than any number of public information campaigns or hysterical TV presenters.


Maybe there will less need for NHS casualties now to drive the message.  Let’s hope.

Boris is seriously knocked about and possibly in fear of his life.  Some commentators can scarcely hide their glee – apart from being just a little bit disappointed.

Nothing personal I am sure.

Boris should consider carefully before he has another NHS test for anything else, and check carefully who makes his cups of tea.  You can just never tell.  It wouldn’t be the first time a political leader opposing Illuminati programmes has met with shorter life expectancy – Neville Chamberlain one example of many others who tried to prevent WW2.  Boris must raise his guard.  Next time the assassins could succeed.  The fake plandemic needs defeating in Downing Street before the rest of us can breathe safely once more.  Come on The Hawks.  (Carry your own water bottles from hereon and don’t bother washing your hands with locally supplied soaps).  It might be safer to hold cabinet meetings at Chequers, and a good idea to keep the so-called ‘doves’ at a socially safer distance…30 miles minimum.




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