6 Responses to “Man who saved Jimmy Savile is now leader of the Labour Party”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Starmer also played a key role in letting off the copper that murdered Ian Tomlinson. Starmer preaches freedom and democracy, human rights etc but always seems to support authoritarian policy / acts and of course the deep state oligarchy and their protected tentacles.

    So come next election you lot have the usual choice of bad or worse.

  2. archer says:

    I suspect the decision to let Savile go was above Starmer’s head; probably the same with the Ian Tomlinson murder as well. Either way he’s clearly not a man of principle.

  3. Belyi says:

    One his first comments as leader was that the party was going to kick out antisemitism. The great majority of the Labour party members couldn’t give a stuff for that bogeyman. They want Labour to get back to its old values of defending the working class and putting things like the NHS back into State control instead of selling it off to foreigners. The party will be in the wilderness for years at that rate, even though the alternatives are abysmal.

    • sovereigntea says:

      Starmer is a Communitarian implant in the same vein as Blair and Cameron.
      Fabian 3rd Way = Big Society = Frankfurt School. See lol “Tory” Cameron’s advisor Philip Blonde Communitarian Marxist

      Typical KGB methodology
      1) Demoralisation
      2) Destabilisation
      3) CRISIS
      4) Normalisation

      • sovereigntea says:

        All intel agencies govt & private use Savile /Epstein entrapment model to control their puppets.
        It doesn’t take many to puppets subvert a nation’s political, financial, military and civil service KGB style. Savile was an asset same as Epstein .. what else do they have in common ? Incidentally Netanyahu has ridden the viral wave and benefited directy by using the crisis to avoid his day in court.

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