Lockdown bullies should be reigned in by Johnson (in hiding)

Mothers in Shropshire were shocked this morning to find a park and a playground blocked with CRIME SCENE tape.  Children were upset and couldn’t understand why CRIME SCENE tape was used.  The Police should be careful about their reputation.  There will be a world after the hoax lifts, and the Police will still want to talk to people.  If they become government fear agents,  people will back away from them.  Boris JOhnson is hiding in Downing Street pretending he’s got an illness, while Police are imposing draconian and unnecessary measures as if they intend to ratchet up peoples’ stress levels.  That cannot be healthy.

Big companies are telling their customers they will be closed through April but will probably open again after that and start rolling again in May.  If this is correct (and they would know) then we have one more month of this nonsense left.

The biggest danger seems to be going to hospital.  See Jon Rappoport’s post below.


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