Satanic lawlessness in government becomes the norm. David Noakes interviewed.

David Noakes describes the state of affairs in a dishevelled Britain and Europe today, with corruption in French and British courts leading to the continued incarceration of innocent Lynda Thyer, a biochemist involving in saving lives with GcMAF, an immune system protein demonized by the MHRA and taken off the market, with manufacturers prosecuted, extradited, jailed. Lynda Thyer had in fact been released from prison twice, only to be re-arrested and prevented from leaving Paris. A caregiver who has experienced great stress and has previously attempted suicide in jail, Lynda Thyer was subjected then to defibrillation revival attempts which have given her a heart condition, and is being held now possibly up to mid-July. (Please see previous Newsbreaks, Reports at this channel and articles at for background and context to this story.)

The prevailing state of affairs signals an utter breakdown in government and justice systems, says David Noakes, as MPs and PMs disdain to answer emails and refuse to heed public concern on all matters of common public enquiry, evidenced today in the current worldwide shutdown of life and the economy on the basis of a virus whose ravages seem vastly similar to those of any other of the manufactured viruses rolled out on us through the past few decades.

Going through the gist of an email he recently sent to government figureheads & posted at—regrettably, to this writer, this is how they appear to be functioning as they kowtow to central banks and globalists—he details the inefficacy of the diagnostic test being used to identify COVID-19 cases, the muddying of waters in data being presented by the NHS and the CDC as pinpointing numbers of deaths and infections, the comparative slightness of the figures in relation to deaths from flu, year after year, and the disproportionate nature of the Govt response in literally shutting down and restricting normal life all on the basis of these faulty and unconvincing figures. In this he verifies Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s commentary on the test and figures, as also Dr. Zara Bourgeois’ – please see Reports 168 and 168 at Ramola D Reports: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny:; Canadian homeopath doctor Zara Anne Bourgeois:—and raises similar questions: why are we being shut down in this fashion when even the faulty reported figures of deaths come nowhere near the number of deaths from the flu every year?

Lawlessness in government apparently has become the norm, and the way appears to be paved for even greater restrictions of our lives going forward. Perhaps meeting MPs in person is the answer, David says, since emails and calls seem to make no dent in their awareness. And even that may not help – but it is clear a vocal resistance, in op-ed, commentary, letter, email, person, or broadcast is in order, if any one of us wish to survive the madness of the current situation. Viewers are encouraged to write to Lynda Thyer with encouragement and support, while also continuing to contact MPs and the British embassy in France: Lynda Thyer Prison No. 456700 MAF de Fleury Merogis Prison 9 Ave des Peupliers 91705 Saint Genevieve de Bois France


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