Johnson’s ‘flu’ being used as excuse to keep Britain locked down. Pathetic.

Downing Street has now confirmed that it has been postponed, because of the PM’s condition, beyond the originally scheduled date of Monday.

Anna Mikhailova explains what we do and don’t know, but it seems clear that Raab’s authority has been limited. On the key issue of national security and the nuclear deterrent, plans are in place, but beyond that, there is less clarity.

Ministers are rallying behind the Foreign Secretary, but the lack of clarity could become a problem as time goes on. It’s expected that the PM will need a number of weeks to recover once he has left intensive care, meaning that the day-to-day running of the Government will still need to be managed by Raab.

The Government was reluctant to talk about the decision to extend or ease the lockdown yesterday, but Downing Street has now confirmed that it has been postponed, because of the PM’s condition, beyond the originally scheduled date of Monday.

As Camilla Tominey sets out, that topic is still the key divider in the Cabinet and it seems quite possible that some kind of decision will need to be made without the PM.


TAP – They’re hiding.  They knew they were going to delay the decision and that it will be very unpopular and that’s why Johnson has been put in hospital and they’re hamming up his condition, which is clearly not that serious.  Possibly he has sleep apnea and they’re testing his nighttime breathing.  Apnea is a very common condition affecting 10% of the population, most of whom don’t realise as it happens while they’re asleep.  Maybe Carrie realised Boris was breathing slowly or not at all while asleep.  He’s being treated with CPAP, it says – the normal fix for apnea.  It would increase his chances of living a lot longer and take pressure off his heart.  People can live for decades with apnea.  It is hardly critical.

PICTURE.  A typical CPAP array – continuous positive air pressure.  It also treats hypopnea, where patients breathe often enough but not deeply enough cutting oxygen feed to the blood during sleep, the same as with apnea where patients actually stop breathing.  They test people while they are asleep to measure their breathing and then measure their oxygen levels to see if the system is working correctly.  News reports are mentioning CPAP and oxygen so I would think Boris having apnea or hypopnea or both are possible explanations for his being in St Thomas’. As for being in an ICU, well I suppose the PM would get the best available treatment and be kept away from the mob for security reasons if no other.  He showed no symptoms of Coronavirus at all despite his positive diagnosis, and there have yet to be any reports which would suggest pneumonia, which is what Coronavirus is.

As COVID-19 is pneumonia you wonder why hospitals are not treating patients with infra red lamps.  These boost Vitamin D and the immune system and cure 90% of people in 24 hours.  That’s probably why they are not being used, same as intravenous magnesium isn’t given to heart patients, and GcMAF isn’t given to cancer patients.  If 90% were saved, not enough people would be dying to meet NHS targets.


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