It’s a nightmare out of a horror movie. Nurses deliberately killing COVID patients. Another whistleblower.


We told you ten days ago that many ICU physicians were expressing grave doubts about the CDC-mandated treatment for serious CoVid-19 cases.

They are treating the disease like acute pneumonia even though it doesn’t act like it.

How long can they continue to do the wrong – but very profitable – thing that appears to be killing patients?

I have personally been in a NYC emergency room myself as a patient several years ago and I can confirm the very low level of care you can expect if you find yourself in that situation – and that was from a top tier Upper East Side hospital.

Everything in this account rings true.

Whenever you see the government/media aggressively cheering “heroes”, you can count on the fact that something is being covered up.

Doctors Face Troubling Question: Are They Treating Coronavirus Correctly?

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TAP – our nursing friends in NY have admitted to us this is true.  They claim that everyone is so frightened they prefer to kill the patients quickly in order to save themselves.  That’s not really a good excuse for mur dr.  There must have been some significant ‘re-framing’ of medical staff for them to be able to do such things.  Here’s yet another whistleblower.

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