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Stats of Tap News are all bogus.  Not our fault.  It’s just how they like to run things, whoever they are, putting posts into the top ten and blocking others so that most of the time we have little idea which posts are really attracting readers.  Comments  too are blocked on many posts – again not by us.

However just occasionally a post gets so big that they can’t hide the fact.  This is getting ten hits a minute still – three days after it was posted.  Never once appeared in the top ten.  You get the feeling the blog is getting very busy in recent weeks.  This post look behind the main media and looks at the same information from a different perspective.

Timeline of Johnson’s illness

Friday 3 April, Johnson recorded a video (at foot of post) in which he urged the public to stay at home during the forthcoming sunny weekend. He said he still had a temperature and was staying in isolation.

TAP – he looked absolutely fine and gave little indication of being ill at all.

TAP – I still don’t feel the description of events which is only partial I imagine, sounds like a pneumonia.  The suddenness of the decline is a bit suspicious.  The requirement for oxygen on arrival at hospital.  It sounds a lot like the Filipino nurse who died, with no symptoms of Coronavirus at all.  He turned blue and collapsed and died at home after working his shift.  He has been widely publicised in the media as a Coronavirus death, although his family is quite sure he was not one.  What was it that killed him?   Something did.

Equally was Boris’ decline and sudden need for oxygen something else?  

Who was around him that day?  

Did he drink or eat before the onset of the oxygen deprivation symptoms?

Was there any other way he could have been affected as he was?

When everything is reported as being one disease and especially when the people involved don’t go along with it, there have to be other causes.   Boris could be at risk from people who find his leadership of the UK inconvenient.  Who was he with on Saturday?  It’s worth a thought.  Was he tested for poisons?


Cyanide prevents the cells of the body from using oxygen. When this happens, the cells die. Cyanide is more harmful to the heart and brain than to other organs because the heart and brain use a lot of oxygen.  Effects include blue lips, face and extremities.


Another NHS/paramedic dies at home at the end of shift just like the Filipino nurse who died after turning blue as mentioned above.  She had no previous symptoms.  And again no autopsy.  The narrative appears to suggest suicide is the means of death in this case, but who knows?

You might add another factor as yet unexplained is why the NHS deaths have been 70% of immigrant, brown, yellow or black foreign race workforce and only 30% of original Anglo Saxon white variety.   I am not saying I know what that answer is.  Maybe a reader can enlighten me.  If I was in the NHS, of ethnic origin or young and pretty I might avoid accepting offers of drinks while at work,  just as a precaution.


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