Flyering for Freedom – Expose the Hoax!

Are you feeling hopeless and impotent? Do you wish that other people would start to see that we’re being lied to in a very big way? Well, you should definitely start talking to people you know and pointing out the facts and “coincidences” we have been exposing here on the Tribune, and you can also start planting seeds anonymously to the public at large.

That’s why I came up with this flyer.

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It’s generic enough that it can work after any fake shooting, new Holohoax movie, and especially during a worldwide lockdown due to a fake coronavirus panic.

The flyer is not meant to inform people with facts and figures. You can print those up on your own if you want, but honestly, most people won’t bother to read such a flyer. With this one, they can’t help but pay attention and take in the words, whether they agree or not. The idea will worm its way into the deeper areas of their mind and start nagging at their consciousness.

Sure, some people will get triggered and tear the flyers down before many others can see it, but fortunately paper is pretty cheap and available (unless of course we’re talking about toilet paper).

By going out and flyering, you will feel proactive. It will be a small step in turning the tide and changing the course of human history. You are not impotent and you will not roll over without a fight. Putting up some pieces of paper is the least you can do!

So where should you flyer since many people are just staying in their homes? Well, I’ll just state that I am not telling you to do anything illegal, and since I do not know national and local laws in regards to flyering, I will just suggest that you should get creative. There are plenty of ways to get people to see this message.

In addition to posting this as a physical flyer, you can also share this around on whatever social media presence you might still have. Don’t get into arguments about the details. Just plant the seeds.

Not only are we helping to wake people up to the fact that media lies to us every single day about every single major event, we are also waging psychological warfare against our enemies. They need to know that we know, and that we will not remain silent.




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