Fear at the top

Boris is silent in Chequers, and not one Minister dares to discuss openly the release of the lockdown, despite the evidence growing that its effects will be catastrophic.  The Ministers who have been given the role of working out the release strategy cannot be named ‘for security reasons’.  This is yet more evidence that Boris’ ‘illness’ was an assassination attempt – either poisoning or a 5G hit.


Raab and the Government’s advisers are likely to come under further pressure today for refusing to discuss how the lockdown might be eased. While other European countries have been open in their planning while under lockdown, the UK government has taken the line that it will distract the public from the “stay at home” message.

There are, though, questions over whether the Government actually has a plan yet. The Guardian reports that the absence of Boris Johnson has meant that a coordinated central strategy has been delayed, with ministers working on their own theories in isolation.

There has also been criticism of the secrecy around the “Sage” group of advisers, whose membership the Government is keeping secret for “security reasons”, and what factors it is taking into consideration. That follows a report from the Resolution Foundation that the economic fallout from the lockdown could be far worse than ministers are expecting.


Who are they afraid of?  Who are the killers?

Boris must now be well aware of what is intended for him by these enemies of the state.  And so will the others in cabinet be.  It would be nothing new in Britain for politicians to be terminated when they oppose war or other Illuminati programmes – Robin Cook, John Smith and more recently Michael Meacher.  Another possible under Thatcher was Airey Neave.  The Brighton Bomb nearly removed  her and Normal Tebbit, with her key enemies staying in a different hotel, obviously well aware.  Political murder of Prime Ministers and their key advisers in modern times is unfortunately nothing new.

Timeline of Johnson’s illness


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  1. stevie k says:

    Although i first thought Boris’s illness was a charade to keep the hoax going now l wonder if it was indeed a lesson to keep the Govt inline with the agenda. l heard boris was given oxygen instead of being put on a ventilator, was this done so he survived and is now in fear of his life so is even more compliant? The different scenarios are enough to make your head spin.

  2. Mr Dude says:

    FWIW there’s a psychic on Twitter called ‘Utsava Anderson’. She has a 100% prediction success rate. I gamble on politics and horses for fun and do pretty well out of it. I’m used to selecting good or bad sources of information…

    Anyway, she claims Bojo was being interrogated by the Americans. I suspect this is about Mi6’s involvement in ‘Russia Collusion’ and so on.

    You never know, stranger things have happened.

    She also claims Prince Charlie has been nicked and his ‘isolation’ is house arrest.

    His recent Katy Perry summits were about satanism I can tell you with certainty. She’s a high priestess.

  3. Mr Dude says:

    Bono’s bird is his handler I suspect.

  4. Mr Dude says:

    Bojo sorry!

  5. Mr Dude says:

    Btw 27/1 right now for Hilary to be Democrat nominee. Fill your boots kids.

  6. Tapestry says:

    I am sure the staff at St Thomas’ did all they could and saved his life. The media reports at the time made it seem Boris might be a gonner. Like you Stevie until then I thought charade. Taking the test and being found positive seemed like one. He looked and sounded in perfect nick. Then whack! If they wanted him gone it was the perfect moment to make the hit. I don’t think they expected he would survive. Thanks to St Thomas’ and their being one minute from Downing Street he made it.

  7. JimUK says:

    Follow the money, Sir Patrick Vallance used to be head of Research & development for Glaxo Smith Kline, he is now the chair of SAGE, the governments scientific advisory group for emergencies, who`s members are kept secret by the Government. During the 2009 swine flu crisis one of the then SAGE members Sir Roy Anderson was a board member of GSK, paid 116,000 a year, what i would like to know is are any of the present SAGE members in the employ of any of the vaccine companies ? Also Billgates wants us all vaccinated, well, Sir John Bell just happens to be a board member of the bill and melinda gates Scientific advisory commitie and Chris Whitty the Governments chief medical advisor just happened to get a 31 million grant from Bill gates when he was at the London school of hygiene and tropical medicine. As i say follow the money.

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