2 Responses to “Dr. Fauci and COVID-19 Priorities”

  1. Prometheus says:

    Tap: I seem to be having trouble posting. Don’t know ? Never mind.

    Anyway… the ‘pandemic’


    (without words) explained:


    • Tapestry says:

      Keep posting please Prometheus. A massive psyop could be in progress – the tragic death of our dear leader. I wouldn’t put it past them. We should need to see the full body before believing his departure was the real thing. He showed not one symptom before admission to hospital. All CV diagnosed patients are the same – no symptoms according to people inside the NHS. Boris going into intensive care is highly suspicious. Being treated with CPAP indicates he may have sleep apnea. Worth treating if he has. Why don’t they use infra red? It saves farm animals from chest conditions. I don’t know what the gameplan is but the evidence we saw shows Boris in good nick. The NHS is running the country anyway. Why not eliminate the one person who could end the Corona scam?

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