Doctors getting paid big money per case to diagnose COVID, telling porky pies.

Fuming At Doncaster Hospital. They’ve Just Scared My Mum Half To Death. Shes Got COPD (It’s A Breathing Condition) She’s Been Taken In For Oxygen Because She’s Struggling (This Happens A Few Times A Year). A Consultant Has Just Come & Told Her She’s Tested Positive For Covid-19 – BUT SHES HAD NO TEST. No Swabs, NOTHING. They Are Saying She Had A Community Test A Few Weeks Ago & It’s Come Back Positive – SHE HASNT, SHES NOT BEEN OUT HER HOUSE OR NEAR ANYONE TO GET A TEST. They Are Trying To Tell Her She Has To Go On The Coronavirus Ward – EVEN THOUGH SHE HAS NOT HAD A POSITIVE TEST OR ANY TEST. There’s Not A Prayer On This Earth My Mum Is Going On There Unless She Actually Has A Test Done That Shows Shes Positive. They’ve Terrified My Mum Who’s Already Ill, Scared Another Patient Who’s On Same Ward As Mu Mum & My Mum Said They’d Looked At Her Like Shit. My Mum Has No Proof She Covid-19 & Unless A Test Proves Otherwise Shes Not Going On That Ward. Why Would They Compromise A Woman Who’s Already Poorly By Putting In A Ward Where A Highly Infectious Virus Is – If There’s No Proof She Has It? It’s Like Sending Her To Death Row. Fuck That. I’m Just Writing This Status To Make People Aware Of What’s Happening & To Make Sure My Mum Gets Out Of There Alive. She’s Terrified They’re Just Gunna Wheel Her Onto That Ward For No Reason. MY MUM DOES NOT HAVE COVID-19. SHE HAS NOT BEEN TESTED SO HAS NOT GOT A POSITIVE RESULT. HOSPITAL CONFIRMED SHE HAD NOT BEEN TESTED & ADMITTED IT WAS A MISTAKE EVEN THOUGH THEY TOLD HER ON TWO SEPARATE OCCASIONS SHE HAD IT & HAD TO GO ON THE WARD.

*UPDATE* My Mum Has Now Discharged Herself With The Hospital Refusing To Give Her The Medication She NEEDS Because She’s Refused To Stay On A Ward Full Of Covid-19 Patients That Could Infect & Kill Her!

My Mum Has Luckily Got Her Medication From Her Sympathetic GP (Thank God) ❤️

My Sister Has Put A Detailed Status Up Of What Happened/Happening To My Mum Which I Have Shared On My Timeline Because She Can Explain It Better Than Me.

Update – The Hospital Have Just Rung At 7.30pm & Offered My Mum Her Medication After Refusing To Give Her It If She Discharged Herself. When My Poor Mum Told Them They Told Her She Couldn’t Have It They Said It Was A ‘Mistake’. I’m Sorry But You Dont Accidentally Put A Poorly Woman On A Coronavirus Ward, Accidentally Tell Her TWICE Shes Tested Positive For The Virus When She HASNT, And Then Accidentally Refuse Her Vital Medication If She Leaves. There’s Something Seriously Wrong Happening Here!