COVID – 19 is no more than anecdote, rumour, gossip, conjecture, speculation, bad science, and propaganda.

COVID: two vital experiments that have never been done

Why not? Because they would expose this vicious farce, the criminals perpetuating it, and end the lockdowns.
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The first experiment would confirm or deny the accuracy of the PCR diagnostic test.  The experiment would reveal whether this widespread test for COVID-19 can actually predict illness in the real world, in humans, not in the lab.

This experiment has never been done.  It should have been done before the PCR was ever permitted to make claims about THE QUANTIY OF VIRUS that is replicating in a patient’s body.

Quantity is vital, because, in order to even begin talking about whether a virus can cause disease, millions and millions of virus must be actively replicating in a patient’s body.

Here is the experiment.  Assemble a group of 500 volunteers, some sick, some healthy.  Take tissue samples from them, and give the samples to PCR technicians.  The technicians will never see or know who the 500 volunteers are.

The techs run these samples through the PCR.  For each sample, they report which virus they found, and how much of it they found.

“In patients 34, 57, 83, 165, and 433, we found a great deal of the following disease-causing viruses.”

Now we un-blind those specific patients.  By the test results, they should all be sick.  Are they?  Aren’t they?  Then we would know.  We would know how accurate and relevant the test is in the real world.

Of course, this is not the end of the experiment.  The same samples should have been given to a whole other set of PCR techs to run.  Did they come up with the same results the first set of PR techs did?

Several new groups of 500 patients each should be enlisted, and still more sets of lab techs should repeat the experiment, ending up with confirmation or rejection of the initial findings.  This is the way the scientific method is supposed to work.

In the absence of this experiment, the quantitative PCR must be looked at as a rogue hypothesis that should never have been foisted on the public.  It should never be used as the basis for determining case numbers of any disease.

In the “COVID-19 crisis,” all case numbers derived from the PCR should be thrown out.

The second vital experiment concerns the discovery of a new virus—in this case, COVID-19.

First of all, there is no lab procedure that can climb inside the human body in real time and record the active replication of millions of virus.  The closest you can come involves the use of electron microscopy.

Suspecting the existence of a new disease-causing virus, researchers should line up, at the very least, several hundred people who seem to have the new disease.  Tissue samples should be taken from them.  Using correct steps of centrifuging these samples, specimens of the results should be examined and photographed under the electron microscope.

In every one of the several hundred photos, do the researchers see many identical particles of a virus they’ve never seen before; and do the researchers see that these many particles are the same from photo to photo?

If so, and if more than one group of researchers independently carrying out this procedure on the patients’ tissue samples achieves the same result…then, this is as close as you can come to saying you’ve discovered a new disease-causing virus.

Other researchers with other patients should attempt to replicate the above findings.

This vital experiment has never been done in the case of COVID-19.  Not even close.  Therefore, researchers can’t make a true claim to have discovered a new disease-causing virus.

In the absence of the two vital experiments I’ve described in this article, all you’re left with, concerning a single “COVID-19” pandemic and a single new cause, are: anecdote, rumor, gossip, conjecture, speculation, bad science, and lies.

Plus the horrendous damage from all the consequences of lockdowns based on those lies.


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Jon Rappoport

3 Responses to “COVID – 19 is no more than anecdote, rumour, gossip, conjecture, speculation, bad science, and propaganda.”

  1. Prometheus says:

    This is important to watch:

    COVID-19 =
    [C]ertificate [O]f [V]accination [ID]entification

    … the mark of the beast that they want everyone to have.

    The 19 is 2019 or the strain of this so-called virus. 2019 was also when there was the Agenda 201 ‘drill’ orchestrated by Bill Gates so they already knew.

    There’s *always* a drill before a false flag. This is the Elite trying to justify themselves by saying ”we told you so – but you are too stupid to figure it out”.

    The COVID-19 test is a false-positive but picks up on the natural defensive response of the human body secreting the toxins of being bombarded by 5G. The test is also a DNA mining exercise too. This is why we are in lockdown so they can roll out all the 5G antennas, satelites and masts across the globe. It’s also about social control and martial law.

    • Derek says:

      This man speaks hesitantly for someone who claims to have been head of a part of Vodaphone. His ability to convey details and technicalities of the bodies organic systems if flawed. He speaks of the Kingdom repeatedly and towards the end pushes his ‘new church’ to the fore as a ‘Tower’. Whilst much of what he speaks of is currently in the realms of general knowledge, though not necessarily accepted by the general population, pieced together, such a scenario is within the realms of possibility.

      The radio wave connection to previous pandemics I have heard before, and the symptoms of people collapsing and dying have been shown on videos which is not how a pneumonia type of disease such as coronavirus behaves. At 60Ghz Electro Magnetic Frequencies have elsewhere been claimed that the two molecules of oxygen – O2 – are prevented from being absorbed by the bloods hemaglobin, effectively suffocating a person and causing death within a minute or so. This is plausible. But who is this man? Why does he not speak of EMF’s which is a well known term amongst anyone even vaguely familiar with high frequency millimetre wave forms.

      Are we listening to a Jehovah’s Witness expressing his concerns and seeking to increase his ‘flock’? I’m convinced some of his claims have basis, especially with Gates and his ilk. But this is a flawed presentation.

      Not convinced.

  2. Prometheus says:

    Gilead Sciences – The Coronavirus Vaccine Manufacturer Accused Of Bioterrorism –

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