17 April 2020

One of the aims of Coronavirus false flag and the lockdown is to control certain people and stop them from protesting.

False Flag?

A new study puts the US Mortality Rate from Coronavirus Covid-19 at 0.1%, just like the Seasonal Flu.

More than nine in 10 people dying with coronavirus have an underlying health condition, figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics show.

The ONS looked at nearly 4,000 deaths during March in England and Wales where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate.

In 91% of cases the individuals had other health problems.

The most common was heart disease, followed by dementia and respiratory illness.

On average, people dying also had roughly three other health conditions.

Coronavirus: Nine in 10 dying have existing illness – BBC News


It’s one of the last places I thought I’d be retweeting from… so maybe something is about to give?

Coronavirus: This Pandemic Will Lead to Social Revolutions .

This Pandemic Will Lead to Social Revolutions – By Andreas Kluth

As the coronavirus sweeps the world, one consequence will be social unrest, even revolutions.

According to one count, there have been about 100 large anti-government protests since 2017, from the gilets jaunes riots in a rich country like France to demonstrations in poor countries.

The International Labor Organization has warned that the current crisis will destroy 195 million jobs worldwide, and drastically cut the income of another 1.25 billion people. 

In time, passions could become new populist or radical movements, intent on sweeping aside whatever ancien regime they define as the enemy.

Where will the Kosher Nostra want revolutions to take place?

Iran? Lebanon? Syria?

Revolutions are not a good  idea as they usually lead to totalitarian regimes that work for the rich elite.


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