Corona figures are bunkum. That’s why our economy is being destroyed. Thanks Raab. Time to stop the lies.

Eddie Large was in hospital with heart problems.  No mention of that on his death certificate.  Video starts well with such details.  I only watched about ten minutes.  Another commenter said it strayed into stuff which is less persuasive later on.  The trick seems to be to persuade people on alternative news that people are saying 5G caused Coronavirus, not that Coronavirus provides a cover story for 5G casualties.  All kinds of health conditions are being passed off as Cornavirus.  5G effects would just be another one.  In Wuhan this might have been significant.

Why our politicians are accepting the statistics of the medics which are clearly bunkum when challenged by the slightest amount of analysis is the question.  On the strength of this tripe our whole economy is being destroyed.  Tens of millions of Americans are seeking unemployment support.  What’s the real reason for this?

TAP – Are some deaths even being caused deliberately to inflate the figures?

NHS casualties inter alia are good for the ‘Doves’


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