2 Responses to “CNN admits that CV scare is massively overestimated.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Has anyone noticed the vanishing act of the Co2 propagandists ? Have those assets been re-tasked with Corona scaremongering and enforcing social distancing.
    Where for art thou poisonous Greta ?

    • Tapestry says:

      This is clearly a psyop of much more urgency with clear cut immediate objectives. The question in my mind is whether Boris was poisoned or 5G’ed. I feel that to be the most likely explanation for what has happened to him. The health Nazis are not beyond despatching a few individuals to boost the emotive power of their fear propaganda. While the world still believes in the fake epidemic they can do with people what ever they want. While people still believe they will be locked down. Boris wanted to end the scare, I believe and was ‘dealt with’. I don’t think he was expected to survive. The tone of media reporting of his recovery suggests as much, betraying disappointment more than joy that he made it. Boris will have a mountain to climb if the health mafia has him cowed at Chequers and no ministers willing to make the case to release the lockdown, and save millions of jobs. The Doves so-called who want the economy destroyed are lead by Hunt, Hancock and Gove. Their chief ally the BBC. Boris is battling a lethal monster. I can only state we are very happy that he is still with us, and hope he can sort out these bitter enemies/traitors to our country.

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