Britain’s liar in chief has much to hide.

Boy who died 4 times, brought Handycock to tears.

What’s this?  Admitting that 10,000 people in care homes would be dying anyway.  Is this a ‘What me, Gov?’ denial of cyanide slippers being popped into drinks in care homes, like the one someone who won’t be named, dropped into Boris’s cuppa in 10 Downing Street two weeks ago?  How much a pop is it for an old’un?  No wonder you get good numbers in some care homes, and none at all in others.  Oxygen starvation indeed.  No wonder the need to lay on some major theatricals.  There’s big money to be made in this Coronavirus psyop, and the Health Secretary won’t want to be missing out.  There’s nothing healthy about comparing past and present national rates of death.  Is he getting windy and losing his deft touch?  People are waking up to the massive national crime that’s been laid on by Hunt, Hancock and Gove.  He’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Dehydration !

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